This Flip is brought to you by vodka

This flip is brought to you by vodka and Russians. I am honestly really impressed. That dude did a flip in that shitty green car, and he only spilt a bit of vodka. That's ballar as fuck! No let's see Boris do that again.

  • crazyvet July 11, 2014

    What a sweet reverse pit maneuver.

  • mykejp July 11, 2014

    These Russian pussy cars flip too easily.

  • eat3beans July 11, 2014

    Give him a vodka i.v. And he will be up and ready to drive in no time

  • fistermister July 11, 2014

    Russian's would be world champs at demolition derby.

  • rockinron July 11, 2014

    translation:"quick run over and get their vodka ration coupons!"

  • mrfotis July 11, 2014

    you need to hire a Russian speaker full time so he can translate this shit.

  • cellule July 11, 2014

    Your dumb GF was sucking on the shifter again?

  • Jay D. July 11, 2014

    @mrfotis no fucking shit, good idea!

  • handsomedevil July 12, 2014

    @Jay D. no shit, it's not like livan is doing us any favors =P

  • cruiserman July 21, 2014

    Another russian with braindamge

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