You Shall Not Cross

If one of you guys ever gets hit by a car while crossing the street like this, I'll be very disappointed. Not because of my concern for your well-being, but because you should have learned this lesson by now. Stop and look both ways. Then look both ways again. Looks like somebody wants to beat up the driver.

  • eat3beans July 12, 2014

    If we were made out of rubber he would have flown a lot further

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  •   potrostation July 12, 2014

    Cross walk. He ran, Had to be punished for breaking the rules.

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  • landturtle July 12, 2014

    HAHA FOREALZ!!! Because of Crazyshit I think that I'm going to be hit by a car any time I go outside!

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  •   ouch July 12, 2014

    I call it culling the herd! I bet that child never does the same stupid shit her mother just did! Fuckiing Monga!

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  •   crazyvet July 12, 2014

    Jaywalk and you get a ticket. Use the crosswalk and you die.

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  • littletalk July 12, 2014


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  •   mykejp July 13, 2014

    New game, how far can a person go when hit by a car.

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  •   handsomedevil July 13, 2014

    fucking stupid meathead trying to pick a fight with an innocent driver. chivalry doesn't get you pussy, dumb ass. a fat money stack and a fat cock do.

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  • bennyboy19 July 13, 2014

    Running on a crosswalk, that's brilliant!

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  •   rockinron July 13, 2014

    dude thats not abbey roads and your not one of the beatle's

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  • dullfeathers July 14, 2014

    Obviously he has no manners....ladies first silly.

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  • cellule July 14, 2014

    I hope the vodka bottle did'nt broke.

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