Car Jacker Stopped By Bystanders

Pablo thought he could carjack and kidnap this family in the middle of the day, but everyone else had something to say about that. It's kind of refreshing to see people come together to stop a worthless asshole.

  • vulture July 16, 2014

    for the 1st time in his live he was happy to get arrested

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  • corruptedsob July 16, 2014

    The right of the people to beat the shit out you if you're caught shall not be infringe

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  • cellule July 16, 2014

    Wearing a jersey of the wrong team was a very bad idea.

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  • preferemshaved July 16, 2014

    Spic... The new nigger.

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  • djdynasty July 16, 2014

    That fight should of been Juan on Juan.

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  • drtyrell July 16, 2014

    Needs a blade in his kidney.

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  • crazyvet July 16, 2014

    How about the part, "shoot him in the back of the head. Then you don't have to hit him anymore." That fucker is lucky to come out of that alive.

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  • rockinron July 16, 2014

    who's the asshole that called the cops? i know a great place out in the woods where this guy could have learned a life lesson and provide hours of crazyshit video footage & entertainment.

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  • uk-13astard July 16, 2014

    nice street justice and court justice

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  • okie July 16, 2014

    Wow. The cops got there before 2 hours!

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  • nh3kid July 16, 2014

    One of Obamas border jumpers

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  • douchebaggins July 16, 2014

    There were like twenty people there in the beginning, and then half of them remembered they had warrants and took off.

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  • dozer67 July 16, 2014

    I wish I was there I would have sat on him real good.

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  • ouch July 16, 2014

    @rockinron is that the Squeeeeeel like a pig place you promised to take me sweety pie lol

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  • cuda1179 July 16, 2014

    Wait......Blacks and Mexicans working together with the cops to PREVENT a crime???? Now I've seen everything.

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  • pizzapie July 17, 2014

    Not one kick to the head. That's fucked

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  • captjim July 17, 2014

    And the fucker is probably illegal, and so he'll go to jail, but not be deported.

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  • happyjack July 17, 2014

    ^^^^^this was in California and the state is tough on car jacking. Steal an unoccupied parked car without any priors and you may get as little as probation. Steal an occupied car and you are looking at 3 years min in prison. And he'll be deported after he's gets out of prison.

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  • rockinron July 17, 2014

    @ouch no dude thats the "skull fuck you like a bitch" place i go to every once in awhile, that you're talking about..

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