Fighting A Naked Guy

Fighting in his motherfucking ball shorts didn't work out so hot for him. Them shits got ripped right off and then his shirt came next. I can't tell if this is a fight or attempted rape.

  • vulture July 16, 2014

    russian vodka waltz first one naked gets the female part

  • cellule July 16, 2014

    The Naked Goon.

  • bigtex July 16, 2014

    That was a gay ass fight!!

  • crazyvet July 16, 2014

    By the time it's over, there will be at least two bitches in the group.

  • rockinron July 16, 2014

    that bitch would have had that tazer shoved up her cunt if she kept pulling that shit on me!

  • potrostation July 16, 2014

    One was wonderful the other was fantastic!

  • pizzapie July 17, 2014

    Once a guy gets naked in a fight, he wins. I'd be afraid he would rub his junk on my leg

  • captjim July 17, 2014

    he knocked everything BUT his socks off.

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