Gory Aftermath Of Malaysian Airliner

Here you go, folks. We've got some up close and personal footage of the aftermath of the Malaysian airliner that got shot down. You won't see this shit on the six o'clock news. That will make you think twice about flying over Ukraine.

  •   sbohica July 19, 2014

    May all their souls be at peace! And may all the power and might of this universe unleash its wrath on the sorry motherfuckers who did this!!! My thoughts are with the families of those lost...

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  •   crazyvet July 19, 2014

    That is one problem with being a rebel. Everybody is an officer. There are no privates to clean up this mess.

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  •   fistermister July 19, 2014

    That's not how it looked on Breaking Bad. What a jip-job.

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  • thunderbutt July 19, 2014

    I'll bet they were dead within 10 seconds after the missile hit. Fucking commie rebels.

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  • eat3beans July 19, 2014

    Smells like boga ong stirfry

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  • dizeer July 19, 2014

    Smoking hot Meat Holes Everywhere !

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  • livan July 19, 2014

    To date, all the arguments against Ukraine and the United States (as a developer of complex provocations example korea 1983).

    Route aircraft was measured at 300 km away and reduced height. To the plane entered a zone defense rebels.

    Near the plane flew fighter Voeno Ukraine and transport aircraft.

    Probable that the rebels shot down a transport plane and fighter jet shot down a civilian plane.

    Also strange facts. Everyone who came to the crash site say about the strong smell of corpses, although the last minute, and all of the body except the pilots did not bleed. Also not yet found all the team that almost 100 people byvshiz on an application for an airplane.

    Ukraine has more rescuers on the scene already "lost" black boxes.

    Also, the day before the tragedy in Ukrainian internet wrote that the plane would fall and be blamed Russia.

    Hispanic manager, who heard from the pilots that their attacks Ukrainian fighter, on the recommendation of the Spanish Embassy, leaving Ukraine on the threat to life.

    Also on ballistics calculations, if the plane was shot down rebels he fell in Russia

    More long, you can not.

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  • eat3beans July 19, 2014


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  • cellule July 19, 2014

    It's all about wich side of the fence you are, not about what you are doing on your side of said fence... War is hell, I did'nt invented it. RIP to the victims.

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  •   rockinron July 19, 2014

    the chick at 18 seconds who was sucking the guy in the green shirts dick as a last request, well i can't help it but she was giving me a chubby.

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  •   sbohica July 19, 2014

    @livan, sorry dude BUT WHAT THE HOLY FUCK DID U JUST SAY??? Not trying to bust on ya bro but, fuck me running man!! I had to go in and slap a bitch to make sure I still had life...

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  • dullfeathers July 19, 2014

    May God hold their souls to his heart.

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  • livan July 20, 2014


    Unfortunately I use a translator and he apparently did not quite intelligently translates slang phrases. Sorry, I do not understand.

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  •   pizzapie July 20, 2014

    It happened again?

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