Cool New Way To Get A Haircut

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Adam H.
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Well that's a first. I've seen plenty of guys faceplant, but I've never seen anyone do it so hard that it ripped a chunk of hair from his head. Take that shit home and hang it on the wall.

  • mykejp July 23, 2014

    Oh the tragedy, he's lost his hair extension, and that shit ain't cheap.

  • fistermister July 23, 2014

    Hey bro what you doing today? Counting stars motherfucker, counting stars.

  • scottishtits77 July 23, 2014

    Mwah ha ha ha! So much fail, I like it!

  • thunderbutt July 23, 2014

    Re-booting the brain.

  • rockinron July 23, 2014

    just think this guy will probably be an elected official!

  • eat3beans July 23, 2014

    I could feel the crunch in my neck just watching that. Tuck and roll next time dude

  • iamapocalypse July 23, 2014

    Any reason to call in to work. What's wrong this time josh?

    Josh: bad haircut sir, I can't sell comics today.

  • solidbriscoe July 23, 2014

    I not only like their product. But I bought the company.

  • crazyvet July 23, 2014

    Now I see why all these fuckers have long hair. To cushion the blow when they fuck up and land head first.

  • cellule July 23, 2014

    Now get your skateboard, your balls need some trimming.

  • fingers July 23, 2014

    I could watch him do that until he's bald

  • zmolez July 24, 2014

    Hopefully that knocked a little sense into him and he realized that haircut is gay

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