Bikers getting what they deserve

Big Jeff
22,184 Views 2 years ago

I know Adam hates them, well so do I. I'm tired of sharing the highway with these dickheads just because they can't stay in the bike lane. Now I know you guys are going to be like, “ but the bike lane ran out.” or “those kids were on the sidewalk.” I don't care they're probably guilty still.

  • fistermister July 28, 2014

    Damn Jeff tell us how you really feel. Wow....

  • eat3beans July 28, 2014

    If I saw a driver run over a kid like that on the sidewalk I would pull him out of the car and fuck up his face

  • vulture July 28, 2014

    no insurance no road tax no decent attitude...squishem

  • rockinron July 28, 2014

    this little kiddie went too market......

  • pizzapie July 28, 2014

    That's a large vagina

  • solidbriscoe July 28, 2014


  • anomalous July 28, 2014

    AHHHH AHHHH I shit my pants again...hahahaha!

  • cellule July 28, 2014

    A Go-pro on a helmet means "HIT ME".

  • vaticider July 29, 2014

    The anticipation was killing me till I heard the dirty french language spoken. bah

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