Twofer Tuesday: Dancing Queens

These ladies have to dance. And they have some pretty amazing moves. Especially the one-legged crackwhore. The Asian club slut is pretty entertaining too. I bet you could get both at once for a very low price.

  • mykejp July 29, 2014

    Jesus, was Gimpy twerking or masturbating with that walker. Get some fucking Lysol for that walker.

  • xizang July 29, 2014

    The black chick with the walker set off seismic earthquake alarms throughout the world today.

  • fistermister July 29, 2014

    Hood life unleashed.

  • crazyvet July 29, 2014

    I would hire that Asian chick to paint my house. She isn't afraid of a little sweat.

  • tgarner July 29, 2014

    ROFLMFAO, I fucking lost it when one leg popped up!

  • rockinron July 29, 2014

    with an ass that big its a wonder her twerking it didnt drive her leg into the ground like a jack hammer!

  • goodster July 29, 2014

    That wound looked fresh, She must have run out of food stamps, and ate it.

  • wifebeater2000 July 29, 2014

    jig doin the jig

  • cellule July 29, 2014

    Maybe the color of the car remind her of Wall-Mart.

  • bigtex July 29, 2014

    \"Oh, well no!!\" Is right!! With the combo of that fat ass and the stump, the stench must be un fucking real!!! But I'm still willing to bet a couple of you fuckers got of on that shit!!

  • picklehiesner July 29, 2014

    I'm not sure why it bothers me but Im sick of looking at cellule and his stupid fuckin comments.

  • honkie365 July 29, 2014

    Is that first girl a dink or a gook?

  • anomalous July 29, 2014

    A peg legged she-boon twerkin' in das nasteh....

  • cellule July 30, 2014

    @picklehiesner : Then look at your ass. You can even lick it if you want.

  • nybadguy July 30, 2014

    Looked like her ass was trying to eat the other leg.

  • douchebaggins July 30, 2014

    She really knows how to shake a leg

  • dozer67 July 31, 2014

    Got a stiffy with the first woman and lost it with the second.

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