Shitty Driver Takes Out Kid

I'm guessing this kid didn't walk away from that one. His little buddies had the right idea to get the fuck out of there. What the hell kind of driving is that? How do you accidentally make a sudden turn into a building?

  • cellule July 30, 2014

    ..Again? And he's still not wearing a helmet. Maybe tomorrow..

  • lick-yer-clit July 30, 2014

    repost eh

  • fistermister July 30, 2014

    That poor kid has the worst luck ever.

  • pussysurveyor July 30, 2014

    Drive in road pizza.

  • bennyboy19 July 30, 2014

    I see that communication is not the strong point at CS. Do you hate each other or are you just too fucking lazy to check previous post from 2 days ago? Oh I get it, your memory is fucked because of meth, Adam?

  • goodster July 30, 2014

    And we get reamed out for typing the wrong name in a post!??!

  • iluvkitty July 30, 2014

    He got another bike and went to the same street???????

  • ouch July 30, 2014

    @goodster Have a fucking cry ya sook lol and nice repost Adam ya sword swallower !

  • pizzapie July 30, 2014

    Some people just can't drive. Especially Asians

  • rockinron July 30, 2014

    hey JEFF great original post. i don't know what the others are talking about.

  • sbohica July 30, 2014

    Who fuckin cares if its a repost!!! Do you all get different pussy evernite or is ur sex life a repost??? Fuck!! CSFL bitches

  • wombatbytes July 30, 2014

    He is a shitty driver. He missed 2 of the little fuckers...

  • dullfeathers July 31, 2014

    If had been riding an America built bike this could have been avoided.

  • neospace August 1, 2014

    American made cars are shit, you hear stories of them being recalled to the factory with faults all the time.

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