Just Jump Already

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Adam H.
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That was pretty cool, but dammit, I'm sick of asshole cameramen not following the jumper all the way down to the pavement. We want to see impact. It's not that hard to capture. Fucking amateurs.

  • xizang August 2, 2014

    Poor guy didn't want to jump. He was hiding from his girlfriend's husband.

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  • eat3beans August 2, 2014

    Nice splat! I like how calm everyone is and I think there may have been a laugh or two in there

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  •   corruptedsob August 2, 2014

    Looks like he made it !!!

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  •   ouch August 2, 2014

    Just because your monkey mother named you pogo!

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  •   longhungwong August 2, 2014

    I love how the old lady and guy rushed to go help.

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  •   rockinron August 2, 2014

    there's a sound that can be heard no place else. the sound of femur's and a skull snaping and cracking.

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  • bigtex August 2, 2014

    Good job! I really hate the people who are such failures in life that they can't even succeed in killing them selfs!! Wonder if he bounced!?

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  • honkie365 August 3, 2014

    Ground floor. Linens and yard goods, furniture.

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  •   pizzapie August 3, 2014

    who cares, he was a menace anyway

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  • typicalaussie August 3, 2014

    The crowd was like "whelp that's over with, who's hungry"?

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  • ven0m89 August 3, 2014

    Must be a CS member laughing lol

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  • cellule August 3, 2014

    ..And jumping off from your balcony was'nt getting you enough attention?

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  • sitonthis August 7, 2014

    Why do they always jump feet first? Is it like they don't really want to end it?? Or they want to feel pain before they die??? They should tie a rope to their feet just long enough to flip them at the last second and have their heads cracked open and their brains spilled out.

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  •   maddog123 May 7, 2015

    Get the shovel

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