How To Deal With Your Drunk Neighbor

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Adam H.
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Here's a fun way to deal with your dumbass neighbor when he brings his drunk ass over to your hard. No need for fighting. Just hose that fucker down. Look at how his mullet flaps in the wind. Fucking idiot is probably gonna wake up thinking he pissed himself.

  • eat3beans August 2, 2014

    If that happens again try the potatoe gun

  • xizang August 2, 2014

    And he only wanted to tell you he just won the big PowerBall lottery, and to offer you a couple million for being such a good neighbor.

  • donunderstan August 2, 2014

    Keep that drunk away from my hard.

  • crazyvet August 2, 2014

    Except for the mess, bang bang works a lot better, and he won't ever be back.

  • corruptedsob August 2, 2014

    He's all washed up

  • dog66 August 2, 2014

    its even better because they have washington plates and i recognize the face

  • txdo_msk August 2, 2014

    Like spraying cats... really obnoxious cats.

  • happyjack August 2, 2014

    Damn honkie365 at least it was a neighbor with a hose instead of Chris Hansen and the cops like the last time you were walking around being a creep.

  • ouch August 2, 2014

    Hey Adam Nice freudian slip. "drunk ass over to your hard" You like a drunk guy over your HARD do ya pal lol. CSI ouch :)

  • rockinron August 2, 2014

    when do we get to see the video of the drunk guy coming back and shooting this dude in the head?!

  • honkie365 August 3, 2014

    Dream on happyjerk.

  • vaticider August 3, 2014

    I hate drunks that can't control themselves, wouldn't be surprised if this kid woke up to his house on fire.

  • norwegiandrunk August 3, 2014

    aw shit so thats what happened last night, and i just thought i pissed myself

  • pizzapie August 3, 2014

    to be continued

  • wisconsinjed August 3, 2014

    Every now and then(pretty damn rare) I see someone who social graces are so poor that I actually pity them. This is one of those cases!

  • siko666 August 3, 2014

    Dont seem to me the drunk was causing any harm. Just some punk with a hose and something to prove. I hope his car mysteriously gets a flat tire. Or the drunk comes back sober someday and flatens him.

  • airsporter August 3, 2014

    Not Shot??

  • cellule August 3, 2014

    Yup, Robert Hallock The Truckingman is back in town.

  • sparkles August 3, 2014

    LOL donunderstan!!!

  • sparkles August 3, 2014

    Last time I seen skin that white I was cookin chicken legs!

  • aelin_hbiyrd September 1, 2014

    Washington hey? Must have been a Canagian straggler wandering across the boarder

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