Just Waiting For The Truck

Adam H. User Avatar
Adam H.
17,775 Views 3 years ago

They all saw it coming but there wasn't much they could do about it. Especially the one who is now likely smeared on the wall. Nice reaction by the other two though. I'm sure they could use a change of underwear now.

  •   potrostation August 3, 2014

    Goddamn Ninjas!

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  • eat3beans August 3, 2014

    So... There are people out there that just film other peoeple doing nothing and hoping something will happen? Thanks!

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  •   potrostation August 3, 2014

    If you can dodge a truck;you can dodge a ball!

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  •   rockinron August 3, 2014

    jose wont be bending any more tacos anytime soon!

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  •   vulture August 3, 2014

    damn that tree was wiped right out

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  • cellule August 3, 2014

    Mexican landscaping.

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  • johnhancock August 3, 2014

    What are you trying to say @eat3beans?? That this is fake or something? It's called security and observation cameras... and its a video of a video.. If you don't understand that concept maybe you should stop popping them beans and you can observe something

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  • 2indastink August 3, 2014

    mexcan jumping beaners...

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  •   happyjack August 3, 2014

    @Adam isn't the 3rd guy the one who crawls from under the truck at the very end of the video? Although he looks like he's wearing different clothes.

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  • matv August 3, 2014

    they're heeeeer !!!

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  • iamapocalypse August 3, 2014

    Should've stayed in front of home depot, but no Juan wanted to change shit up and get ahead if the game.

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  • vaticider August 4, 2014

    That 3rd guy crawled out at the end. Go play the lottery b4 that luck runs out.

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  •   big_daddy305 August 4, 2014

    Hello, Home Depot? It's Juan. I won't be able to make it to the parking lot today.

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  • sitonthis August 7, 2014

    The driver had just driven back across from Mexico, that Mexxie that came crawling out from under the truck was smuggled across in the spare tire compartment. That third Mexxie sitting on the sidewalk was, in fact, smeared on the wall, nothing but a grease spot now.

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