Putting the urban in Urban Outfitters

Big Jeff
19,193 Views 2 years ago

What happens when you set up a urban clothing shop in Detroit? Exactly what you'd expect would happen. You get the fuck beat out of you for nothing because nobody has money to steal there.

  • vulture August 4, 2014

    just passing welcome to our community

  • fistermister August 4, 2014

    Do you know how I can tell they're all fucking retarded? They're Oakland Raiders fans!

  • xizang August 4, 2014

    All Obama supporters, no doubt. Anyone see a pattern here?

  • thunderbutt August 4, 2014

    The black guy did it!!!!!

  • mrlongshot August 4, 2014

    5 niggers walk into a store...

  • donunderstan August 4, 2014

    Need a sign that says only 2 niggers allowed in at a time.

  • mykejp August 4, 2014

    Send them back to Africa!

  • cellule August 4, 2014

    Question: why am I so much of a fuckin' racist white piece of shit?

  • jeeprod August 4, 2014

    It won't be long 'til decent folks dropping no-good niggers, wiggers, skanks and whores won't even make the fucking headlines anymore.

  • tonyk August 4, 2014

    @donunderstan What the fuck for? Dumb asses like that couldn't read anyway.

  • bigtex August 4, 2014

    That's why I carry a gun! can't fight one on one? No worries, I'll gladly put some hot lead in your head!!

  • pussysurveyor August 4, 2014

    Fuck you, bigtex: those assholes would have shoved your fucking gun up your nasty ass and pulled the trigger, you macho-wannabe puke.

  • honkie365 August 4, 2014

    Perhaps something will change in ANOTHER 150 years. I doubt it.

  • handsomedevil August 4, 2014

    america is a third world country. everyone's a nigga!

  • norwegiandrunk August 4, 2014

    and then the police came and made sure everyone who was there got an extra beating, just a way to say hello to a new business.

  • bigtex August 4, 2014

    @pussyS strange you'd get so upset that I carry a concealed handgun and would attempt to defend myself. Not everyone is like you, most people wouldn't choose to drop face down, ass up and spread cheeks!! A bit ironic that you chose your avatar pic to be some fag \"macho wannabe puke\" WITH A GUN!! Go troll someone else you little bitch!!!

  • bigtex August 4, 2014

    I get it now pussyS, which one of the niggers in the video is you!??

  • rockinron August 5, 2014

    must be the gas price's went up in detroit. the niggers couldn't afford to go to the white nieghbor hood stores and rob them.

  • feelnlow August 5, 2014

    Why would anyone want to live in a big city with such a high percentage of crime UH, I mean african american's OR Black's, colored,spook's,coon's or what ever the politically correct term for them is now?

  • dachief August 5, 2014

    It happens in France this is a rapper called Rohff fighting in a store of the close brand unkut of another rapper called Booba.

  • rodeye2 August 5, 2014

    The cotton pickers can't figure out why they were never paid for those t-shirts.

  • stanboost August 5, 2014

    this is not detroit but paris and rapper rohff

  • barabarijus August 5, 2014

    Why there is no sales !? again !!!!

  • mcgaugh57 August 5, 2014

    We all know it's because they are black and worthless scum.

  • ghosthunter August 5, 2014

    They don't know how to act like humans. Because they are NOT !!!

  • snikwad75 August 5, 2014

    Another urban troublemaker trying to get Laugh in between getting girls pregnant and down colt 45

  • dozer67 August 6, 2014

    @dachief This is sad ....This must prove, where there are Blacks, there is crime! no matter what country.

  • sitonthis August 7, 2014

    Reminds me of that song in Poke-a-hot-ass (Pocahontas) "Animals, animals, dirty filthy animals......" Gorillas evolved into these animals but their DNA didn't. It took the gorilla out of the jungle but it didn't.....

  • crazyshitisgay November 28, 2016

    That moment when you say...OH SHIT WE'RE FUCKIN WHITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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