Stay together for the kids

Big Jeff
30,115 Views 2 years ago

Every time I hear about a dumb bitch staying together for the kids I imagine shit like this. Yeah divorce fucks with some people, but not as bad as watching your dad kick your moms ass harder than the NYPD does a minority.

  • vulture August 4, 2014

    when that kid gets older he's going to beat the shit out of his old man

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  • fistermister August 4, 2014

    My marriage is the same way, only difference is I'm the one on the floor.

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  • 78782273 August 4, 2014

    Nice family time!! They don't have to watch TV in order to be doing something.

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  • thunderbutt August 4, 2014

    And that's what happens when you don't listen the FIRST time kids!

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  • white_devil August 4, 2014

    That'll teach her! Next time he tells her to shit on him she better do it.

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  • sbohica August 4, 2014

    Crazyshit or not, u douchebags making jokes of this are some sick fuckers!!! There's nothing funny bout that bullshit! CSFL bitches

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  • cellule August 4, 2014

    Hey, calm down, it's just a moped, she'll pay you back.

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  • mykejp August 4, 2014

    Definitely not a husband of the year.

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  • cellule August 4, 2014

    @sbohica : Shall we all go hang ourselves? That shit was fuckin' hilarious! She ate shit, deserved or not! Who cares!!Will you be sad if they get nuked again? "One is a tragedy, millions are statistics."

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  • bigtex August 4, 2014

    Time to KILL that little dick, slant eyed motherfucker!! @cellule that's \"hilarious\"!?? Hilarious would be locking you and me in a room together!! I'd love to cave in your face you fucking pussy bitch!! Fucking coward hiding behind a keyboard in your mom's basement!! Drop dead bitch!! No woman deserves anything like that!! I'd love to make you my bitch!!

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  • pussysurveyor August 4, 2014

    @sbohica Fuck you, sbohica: you want politically correct from CS, you're barking up the wrong dick.

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  • ouch August 4, 2014

    @sbohica wtf is CSFL?

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  • sealex August 4, 2014

    What I want to know is why the people that go to help are slow as fuck? Walking in all nonshelant

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  • handsomedevil August 4, 2014

    this shit breaks my heart. i wanna whoop his cowardly ass, console the children, and drive ol' girl to the emergency room. my dad used to whoop on my mom. good thing he was out of our lives by the time i was 2. motherfucker better not cross my path in this life. he just a opp to me.

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  • sbohica August 4, 2014

    Hey \"pussy\", u prob jerk ur lil toddler dick watching a woman get her ass kicked while the kids are looking on, more power to ya bro. Who knows what nasty, fuckin cunt ur pathetic ass slid out of but the whore shud have her ass beat for not aborting ur knuckle draggin ass!!! No politics DICK, just common sense. Just cuz a woman's ass is the only thing u can kick, don't make it rite! CSFL bitches

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  • norwegiandrunk August 4, 2014

    thats what we call foreplay

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  • okie August 4, 2014

    There's a man who deserves to have his balls cut off. Without aesthesia.

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  • bennyboy19 August 5, 2014

    @cellule T'es vraiment un osti de tas d'marde. Asshole.

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  • rockinron August 5, 2014

    don't ya hate it when kids won't leave mommy and daddy alone when they are having sex!

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  • captjim August 5, 2014

    Pretty sad when little kids like that are the only ones with their head screwed on straight. I wish I could beat the shit out of that guy.

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  • rodeye2 August 5, 2014

    She'll eat the shit sandwich next time for sure.

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  • vulture August 5, 2014

    @cellule... "One is a tragedy, millions are statistics." i think thats a quote by Stalin from a conversation with Churchill during 2nd WW

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  • nybadguy August 5, 2014

    My pops use to beat my mother all the time when he came home drunk. He stopped after I almost crushed his skull in with a cinder block. My friends stopped me from killing him that day.

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  • ghosthunter August 5, 2014

    Next time don't burn dinner BITCH!

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  • snikwad75 August 5, 2014

    If this Method was socially acceptable from keeping women from complaining then I would be more of a relationship guy then what can I get for 18 bucks

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  • dozer67 August 6, 2014

    OK maybe your wife cheated on you, i get it, maybe spent all your money, so you are mad and you wanna hit her. But, for god sake to keep on brutalizing her in front of the kids? No fucking way!!This beast has no regard for human life not even his kids..He needs to be put down like a rabbit dog.

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  • dozer67 August 6, 2014

    This guy makes the common American Black look like father of the year.

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  • sitonthis August 7, 2014

    I love all the comments on here, especially the spelling, that makes them funnier!!!!!!!! rabbit dog= rabid-Walking in all nonshelant= nonchalant

    1,000,000 point to fistermister for funniest comment on this one!!!!

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  • jaymz August 7, 2014


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  • hashassin777 August 9, 2014

    @vulture Why wait till he gets older? He should have stabbed him right then and there.

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  • aelin_hbiyrd August 18, 2014

    It was all fun and games till the sake shots, dady fell off the wagon and child hood pent up anger issues towards his abusive mother was turned on his adoring faithful wife.

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  • tardnugget October 19, 2014

    Wtf kind of porn is this

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