How To Launch A Wave Runner

Fucking fantastic! This shit had me laughing it up. That bitch did a good job of getting the fuck out of the way. The other one did a good job of eating shit. And I want to eat the white girl's ass.

  • bigtex August 6, 2014

    Watched it 5 times and still no idea what happened, but I do know that chick has a great ass!!

  • vulture August 6, 2014

    black bird moved so fast i thought there was free water melon on offer

  • rockinron August 6, 2014

    fuckin bitch landed on top of the guy and never took a impact to her head yet she pretends to be all fucked up. this is another reason why women don't belong on the battle field.

  • norwegiandrunk August 6, 2014

    the guy zoned out for a while, he thought he was in a GTA game

  • captjim August 6, 2014

    There was an accident? All I could see was that white chicks hot ass.

  • happyjack August 6, 2014

    Great jump to impress your girl with. I'm sure he'll get some pussy once she gets out of the body cast.

  • big_daddy305 August 6, 2014

    Happyjack, she can't fight him off if she's in a body cast.

  • xizang August 6, 2014

    I'm in love with the blonde

  • donunderstan August 6, 2014

    Blacks should avoid all water sports.

  • dozer67 August 6, 2014

    That girl was well taught: RUN!!!! Run for your fucking life!!!!

  • fistermister August 6, 2014

    Fly me to the moon,

    Let me play among the stars.

    Let me see what spring is like

    On Jupiter and Mars.

  • txdo_msk August 6, 2014

    You just wait till we get home TreShawn!

  • durante August 6, 2014

    This is from that new TV show 1001 ways to fuck your wife up

  • dogtownsquirl August 6, 2014

    Black people can spot a white asshole a mile away.

  • spinal12 August 6, 2014

    The white chick is in love with a black dick

  • goodster August 6, 2014

    What finally happened? I just kept rewinding the first 3 seconds of the fantastic assed blond.

  • potrostation August 6, 2014

    Rented Jet ski, rented GF. American Express! Don't leave home with out the fucker.

  • jlm77 August 6, 2014

    that black bitch wasn't going to fuck that wig up

  • pizzapie August 6, 2014

    He was checking out that can of tuna standing on the beach

  • corruptedsob August 6, 2014

    Great now show is your tits

  • vaticider August 7, 2014

    Its much safer for them when the cat buries them in the sand.

  • sitonthis August 7, 2014

    HOLY SHIT that white girl's got a fine ass body!!!!!! I just hate that when I pause the vid some fucking ad blocks everything in the fucking frame, I.E. that fine bitch!!!!!:-((

  • tuck8541 August 7, 2014

    Parked it like a boss!

  • white_devil August 7, 2014

    Thought this was fake when I seen a black chick near the ocean but then she ran really fast and I became a believer.

  • cellule August 7, 2014

    He could have waited until his buddy got the trailer in place..

  • whitemeatonly August 8, 2014

    Wow that blak bitch ran out the way. Saw the crash and waved her hands like whatever....damn monkeys dont care bout anyone

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