That Wasn't A Good Place To Stand

Talk about having some shitty luck. Not only is he hit by a car, but then he gets run over by his own truck. I'm pretty sure he's not walking away from this one, or ever again in fact. At least it happened pretty fast.

  • angerissues August 9, 2014

    well he did have a bumper sticker that said " If you dont like the way I drive, stay off the sidewalk"

  • crazyvet August 9, 2014

    When it's your time, you will have to go.

  • thunderbutt August 9, 2014


  • cellule August 9, 2014

    It was a sign.

  • fistermister August 9, 2014

    Looked like the devil car was breathing fire.

  • whitemeatonly August 9, 2014

    All this can be avoided by purchasing my reincarnation kit at kit only comes with 9 lives

  • whitemeatonly August 9, 2014

    Oh my god!!! They killed adam! Youu bastards

  • sitonthis August 9, 2014

    That guy has a problem with sidewalk vendors. He should do that with "homeless" pan handlers, them bastards are a plague.

  • rockinron August 9, 2014

    rolled his ass up like a first time joint

  • truckingman August 9, 2014


    Sincerely, Robert Hallock

    the truckingman.

  • candle August 10, 2014

    Apparently it wasn't a good place to break down either.

  • norwegiandrunk August 10, 2014

    remember this kids: if death wants you, its gonna get you

  • dullfeathers August 11, 2014

    First rule when someone is broken in 37 places...jerk them all around to ensure no chance of a full recovery.

  • aelin_hbiyrd August 18, 2014

    Nothing ever goes to plan when you put an ACME rocket on your car...

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