What should you do?

Big Jeff
22,812 Views 2 years ago

You were just stung by a stingray, what do you mean what should you do. How much of a fucking meat head are you? You know what, I'm sorry for doubting your intelligence. You should go out and swim in figure 8's for awhile.

  • lobster August 11, 2014

    Chop it off

  • vulture August 11, 2014

    his friend could shove his little dick in it that should work

  • rockinron August 11, 2014

    well you sound like a fag, maybe you can stick one of your manpons in it!

  • ouch August 11, 2014

    You already did it. Thanks for sharing!

  • cellule August 11, 2014

    Ask your gf for a tampon?

  • bigtex August 11, 2014

    Cork it

  • sleeko August 11, 2014

    The best treatment for this sting is to submerge the foot in the hottest water one can stand. The heat breaks down the toxin. It's still going to hurt, but not for very long.

    Then go to the doctor, for an X-ray, to see if any of the spine is still in the foot.

  • eat3beans August 12, 2014

    Drink liquor and continue to stand on your feet, maybee run for an extended period of time

  • sitonthis August 13, 2014

    Jumping jacks should help stop the bleeding!

  • suckzone September 22, 2014

    Time to go out for drinks so it never stops

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