I Hope It Was An Important Call

The guy pumped gas while his engine was still running and then decided to use his cell phone, which can cause static electricity that will ignite the vapor. And that's why this dumbass no longer has a car.

  •   crazyvet August 12, 2014

    The people and cars can be replaced, but quit wasting the gas.

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  •   fistermister August 12, 2014

    All that for a wrong number!

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  • lobster August 12, 2014

    I just called to say I love you

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  •   vulture August 12, 2014

    gas vapors are heavy and spread at ground level, the flash point was under the car at ground level so i doubt it was caused by the phone at head hight

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  • norwegiandrunk August 12, 2014

    "hi honey, yeah i just picked up the kids from school, just stopped to fill some ga-"

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  • sirviolin August 12, 2014

    Yeah, it was the cell phone and not the fact that the car was still running.. right.

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  • showmeurtits August 12, 2014

    Adam, Dumbass if you look you can see that the car is running... Exhaust fumes numb nuts!

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  • cuda1179 August 12, 2014

    Adam H.

    You are a retard, plain and simple. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (and incidentally ALL of their international counterparts) there has NEVER been a cellphone ignited gas incident. This means that has NEVER happened, and they all pretty much agree that it can NEVER happen under any real-world circumstances.

    Getting a lithium-ion battery from a cell phone to cause this is still almost impossible under ideal circumstances when you are TRYING to do it.

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  •   ouch August 12, 2014

    @cuda1179 I gave you a +1 then realised that we should never fuck CS up with actual facts! My bad I'll -1 myself

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  • vaticider August 12, 2014

    Funny that all through the 60's and 70's a lot of the gas tanks in cars were behind the back license plate just above the exhaust. I can also remember (not very smart in retrospect) smoking while pumping gas that was around 86 87ish. never saw or heard of a car blowing up at that time.

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  •   sbohica August 12, 2014

    Hey @cuda... Are u so much of a pompous cunt that u wasted ur energy and time just to call Adam a retard? Well, you know, after sifting thru the files of the International Crazy Shit Federation, it has been determined that u must b a sperm guzzling, transvestite, trasnsexual, homosexual nut licker, who's face has the symmetry of @ouchs toilet ringing shits!!! It means ur birthing canal was thru the asshole, NEVER thru the vagina! But thank you for your research, I'm sure u sweated ur way through having to read such complicated words... Fucking dickhead.

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  • sitonthis August 13, 2014

    Now that was fun, hopefully the cameras will catch him again next time!

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  • strangefeller August 17, 2014

    Ha Ha! Big dummy :-/

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