Front Door Service

It appears that the bus now has a special front door service. You don't even have to walk down the block to the bus stop anymore. In fact, you don't even have to walk to the sidewalk. Just open your front door and get on the bus. That's fucking convenient.

  •   vulture August 14, 2014

    can you imagine having to live with that voice

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  •   fistermister August 14, 2014

    Not only are you getting housing for free, you feel so entitled that you expect the R.T.D. to pick you up front door service?

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  • bigtex August 14, 2014

    \"Call 911\"? Why? She's already injured, now you want a cop to beat her too!??

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  • atmydismay August 14, 2014

    Happens every time I get a blowjob while driving

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  • donunderstan August 14, 2014

    Arabs have one thing right. Women shouldn't drive.

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  • vaticider August 14, 2014

    Hope it wasn't a black family's section 8 housing, or all them white people will be beat to death.

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  •   rockinron August 14, 2014

    how'd they get video from on the evil bus, and how'd the evil bus get to the united states from western europe?

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  • dullfeathers August 15, 2014

    "FUCK...I knew I should have got that last stop"

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  • cellule August 15, 2014

    Yessir!!! Driver is so fat & out of shape she got a heart attack just by driving!! Way to go!!!!

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