Going for more than a tip

Big Jeff
46,523 Views 2 years ago

Normally when someone has a pizza delivery the highlight of their day is when they get to take bong rips between deliveries. With the new craze of cam whoring I want to know the possibility of this happening to me. If I like the ratio good enough 30 minutes or less will become my new motto.

  • xizang August 18, 2014

    So??? Everyone knows what the female body looks like. Now, if you REALLY want to give the guy a tip, take his penis out and give him a great blowjob.

  • vulture August 18, 2014

    thats fake she cant be black her arse is to small

  • sirfartsalot August 18, 2014

    Pizza and pussy all that was missing was the fucking BEER!

  • fingers August 18, 2014

    I hope he's going back to the car for rubbers

  • nybadguy August 18, 2014

    I would of served her up some sausage with that pizza.

  • eject August 18, 2014

    There ain't no brakes on this rape train.

  • spinal12 August 18, 2014

    Now sit in front of the cam with your pussy up to it and spread your pussy plzzzzz

  • bennyboy19 August 18, 2014

    One day, someone will "really take advantage" of this situation. Stupid bitchin' cock tease, you will learn what "rape" really means.

  • bigtex August 18, 2014

    I'd be giving her the tip...and shaft!

  • crazyvet August 18, 2014

    The way that guy ran away, was he gay or did she have a bunch of open sores I didn't see?

  • ouch August 18, 2014

    Look at the cheese on that box... and she's got a pizza too :)

  • anomalous August 18, 2014

    That pussy bastard is probably still jackin' off over that shit...

  • ninjaflam August 18, 2014

    Now Thats a Tit I mean Tip!!!!

  • uranus August 18, 2014

    Once you invite me into your house. I make myself at home..really at home.

  • rockinron August 19, 2014

    if that happened to me 30 years ago, i'd still be getting qaulity jackin time from that memory!

  • zard0n3k August 19, 2014

    She wanted the D, fuck her you fucking pussy! Once in a lifetime opportunity and he shitted himself...

  • neospace August 19, 2014

    she gave him a red hot tip

  • vaknama August 19, 2014

    who the hell orders cheeze pizza?

  • cellule August 19, 2014

    She'll put the mushrooms on the pizza by herself.

  • joedumber August 19, 2014

    If I was the pizza guy it would take me a few months to stop beating off to that one. Hell, it takes me days to get over the ones with their clothes one.

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