Missed Her Target

I've never heard so many annoying voices outside of an Akbar or worldstar video. I was hoping they'd all get hit by a train just, but it would have to kill them instantly. I'd hate to hear all these bitches screaming.

  • big_daddy305 August 21, 2014

    This is exactly why I moved out of Boston. No, not the crackheads, the accent. Pahk the cah in Hahvid Yahd. It's ovah they'ah yah facking who-ah!

  • marcodufour August 21, 2014

    For Ouch that`s a tranny and ladyboy threesome!

  • iluvkitty August 21, 2014

    I know alot of drunk sluts, and I don't appreciate u posting this video, I will hang around here for 24 hours, them I am GONE.

  • marcodufour August 21, 2014

    ^ bigdaddy The first one sounded Australian to me hence my comment.

  • eat3beans August 21, 2014

    I've traveled a lot of train tracks, this offends me and I don't appreciate this video. 24 hours and I'm gone too

  • longhungwong August 21, 2014

    On the right track to wurrl stardom!

  • morbuis669 August 21, 2014

    Its all fun and games till someones hair catches fire from the electric rail.

  • lick-yer-clit August 21, 2014

    the real bad news is there both late like the train

  • the_aristocrat August 21, 2014

    Ouch took the video.

  • ouch August 21, 2014

    @the_aristocrat If I took the video there would have been a hot stream of piss flowing or a shooting a wad of hot jizz flying out of me screaming Crazy Crackers Pow pOw poW!!

  • truckingman August 21, 2014

    No fight Near the Tracks Now....

    Sincerely, Robert Hallock

    the truckingman.

  • bigtex August 21, 2014

    Bitches be crazy...and terrible hand eye coordination too!!

  • sitonthis August 22, 2014

    Crazy ass, drunk and high bitches!!! Thanks for the entertainment, hope next time you both get dismembered by a speeding train!!!!!!

  • cellule August 22, 2014

    Stick to meth tracks, bitches.

  • tardnugget October 19, 2014

    What kind of retard were these minorities speaking

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