Gathering Of The Nudists

I don't know what's up with these freaky Germans. I guess they just love to strip down and frolic like a bunch of hippies. If that's what makes them happy then so be it. I'm just glad they aren't pissing and shitting on each other.

  • crazyvet August 26, 2014

    How long would it take a guy to be able to mingle without a hard dick?

  • fistermister August 26, 2014

    I would love to join a nudist colony, But I don't think I could handle being the laughing stock of the colony.

  • bigtex August 26, 2014

    Ecstasy is a fun drug!!!

  • candle August 26, 2014

    Why didn't I know about this?!?

  • eat3beans August 26, 2014

    At least they're smart enough not to film the kids

  • cellule August 26, 2014

    @bigtex : Throw in some MDMA, speeds and 2 oz of GH and I'm there!

  • norwegiandrunk August 26, 2014

    i tried this once and all it got me was a trip to the police station and a fine

  • ouch August 26, 2014

    This is where I fucked my first T-girl :)

  • truckingman August 26, 2014

    Adam, Hittler used to shoot jewesh wemen in head to have their dieing bodies shit and piss on MF" head while jacking off, the twisted self hating sick jew....

    MF" disgusted by my own comment, Robert Hallock

    the truckingman.

  • matv August 26, 2014

    do the rainbow streamers mean anything?

  • spinal12 August 26, 2014

    The perverts wants to see some hairless cunnys none here.

  • uranus August 27, 2014

    Um. Where do I sign?

  • sbohica August 27, 2014

    Was this a Culture Club concert that George Michael opened for? CSFL bitches

  • junkhunter August 27, 2014

    Been there done that.


  • nudepoker69 August 28, 2014

    Where was sexual activity? fucking.

  • bennyboy19 August 28, 2014

    Adam, you're a retard, as ever. What is freakish and hippie about being naked? We were BORN naked. Fuckin american colonist were so prude about sex they made a country of prohibition. In europe you can do whatever the fuck you want in most countries. So keep your gun rights and let me buy a plane ticket for this pussy fest.

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