Asshole Blocking The Road

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Adam H.
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I don't see a moped anywhere so I can't say for sure what happened here. Maybe he got run over crossing the street or maybe he took a header off the overpass. I'm thinking his chances of a full recovery aren't all that great.

  • fistermister September 2, 2014

    Hey that's chang, he owns the fury wok. (It's a dollar a scoop joint) They specialized in calico chicken broccoli, and Siamese sesame chicken. I wonder why he killed himself.

  • solidbriscoe September 2, 2014

    \"I'm a doctor Jim, not a doc- ... Ok. Take him to sick bay.\"

  • whobe September 2, 2014

    She said damn someone already got his wallet.

  • kanada September 2, 2014

    ^ lol solid. You nailed it.

  • goodster September 2, 2014

    2014 Overpass Dive Champion.. He got good distance on the bounce.

  • donunderstan September 2, 2014

    Pick him up by the ankles and paddle his heels like a catsup bottle, he ain't quite empty yet.

  • randybobandy September 2, 2014

    Why do jumpers wanna hold up traffic and shit? At least have the fucking decency to do it on a sidewalk or river. I hate traffic.

  • vaticider September 2, 2014

    nice gloves and proper footwear.

  • bigtex September 2, 2014

    Scattered brains!!

  • cellule September 2, 2014

    What happened to the old-school hara-kiri shit?

  • honkie365 September 3, 2014

    Bad place to sleep.

  • rockinron September 3, 2014

    by the looks of the landing zone, i'd say that swan dive was a perfect ten.

  • suckzone September 3, 2014

    Now how is ling ling supposed to get to boarding school!

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