It's Just A Little Scratch

Hey look, a bunch of drunk idiots fighting, probably because of some stupid bitch. Jesus Christ, I had to cut out the audio of these fucking morons chanting the ghetto equivalent of "Allahu Akbar!" Anyway, yeah, I think once he has a chance to calm down he'll be taking that trip to the hospital to get his cheek sewn back on.

  • longhungwong September 11, 2014

    Just lovely, ghetto trash of all colors and flavors... an extra spicy bean, a cheesy cracker, and choco puffs fighting because of some pendeja who probably goes down easier than watered down beer on a weekend. Just a fanfuckintastic way to renewimy hope in humanity turds.

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  • iluvkitty September 11, 2014

    OMG, UNBELIEVABLE..... Black people are red inside too???

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  • cellule September 11, 2014


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  • whobe September 11, 2014

    Bit off more than he can chew.

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  • fistermister September 11, 2014

    Oh, that reminds me. I need to go and feed my animals.

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  • jlm77 September 11, 2014

    thank you

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  • bigtex September 11, 2014

    Give him a drink, he'll figure it out soon enough.

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  • rockinron September 11, 2014

    thats right keep walking that wound pussy west towards michigan boy!

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  • 2indastink September 11, 2014

    It was 10 against 1......why is he decreasing the odds to 9 against 1 ????..... get back and fight, afterall its only a flesh wound.

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  • lick-yer-clit September 11, 2014

    give him some chewing gum and lets see him blow a bubble

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  • fulmerino September 11, 2014

    That's gonna hurt tomorrow

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  • wisconsinjed September 11, 2014

    I really, really hope somebody knew who the little punk that was doing the stabbing! The one dude with the opened up cheek was only hit once but the guy in the green that went after the limp wristed guy that used his Corona bottle as a weapon was hit five or six times with whatever he was using. I bet he was in worse shape than anyone. The guys backing up the black guy in the beginning was all just a bunch of dirty fighting mugs! The days of a good ole' one on one's seem a distant memory! Be a thinker, not a stinker! Peace all!

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  • pizzapie September 11, 2014

    His boyfriend seems very concerned

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  • redhedridr September 11, 2014


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  • ouch September 11, 2014

    @redhedridr Is that why they say mooorreeee Braiiinnnsss because they dont have any of their own?

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