Only Assholes Litter

This is pretty fucking awesome. I hate motherfuckers that just throw their garbage wherever they want and assume it's someone else's problem to deal with. Fuck those littering cocksuckers. Put it in a garbage can instead of tossing it on the ground like a worthless degenerate piece of fucking shit. This Russian chick is my hero for the day.

  • marcodufour September 17, 2014

    Wonder if she will pick up the Kyiv Molotov cocktail and throw it back ?

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  • big_guns September 17, 2014


    Now I need to get a bike!!!!!

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  • bigtex September 17, 2014

    Fucking great!!! Our motto here in Texas is \" Don't mess with Texas\"!! $500-$1000 fine for littering!! Plus, we all carry guns!!

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  •   maddfoxxer September 17, 2014

    Lmfao that bottle being taped to the mirror was brilliant would have been better if he smashed it over their head and taped the glass to their unconcious face after they crashed out

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  • fuzzynaval420 September 17, 2014

    She's like a fucking superhero cleaning the streets and shit.

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  • spinal12 September 17, 2014


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  • fuckybrained September 17, 2014

    I wonder what they do to illegal dumpers? Honey, the tv we threw in the creek is in our windshield now.

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  • honkie365 September 17, 2014

    Good way to end up dead on a motorcycle.

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  •   ouch September 17, 2014

    Good job. Now show us ya tits

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  •   rockinron September 17, 2014

    well shit i guess throwin the used rubbers out the window gonna hafta stop now.

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  • matv September 17, 2014

    I make a point of telling people off, or blocking them in, when they use handicap spaces without a permit. more than one has threatened to call the cops on me!

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  • bennyboy19 September 17, 2014

    fake as fuck

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  • joedumber September 17, 2014

    i swing both ways on that.....

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  • joedumber September 17, 2014

    but i find people that do that, the good samaritan, check their apartment out they probably eat stray cat stew, or masturbate while standing over their toilet seat.

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  • fulmerino September 17, 2014

    That was funny

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  • feelnlow September 18, 2014

    @BigTex My friends wife's uncle is a jacksonville police officer and he'll make you go back a get your cigarette buts/Trash or you get a ticket. He's SO Anti-Litter bug! he'll tell us how people get SO PISSED OFF cause THEY did something wrong.

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  • stoli September 18, 2014

    Nobody would try to do that in America. No balls, unless they're drunk.

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  • wisconsinjed September 18, 2014

    I have done the same exact thing except I was in a jeep and it took me about 45 minutes to catch the littering bastards. They had the youngins' with them so I was somewhat tactful. Remember when we had "no littering $1500 max fine"? I have noy seen one in years.

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  • wisconsinjed September 18, 2014

    One last thing. In most places here you see litter everywhere but you very, very rarely see someone that tosses anything out. Meaning? They know it's a piss ass thing to do! If you ever see a black jeep driven by a awesome looking dude with a grateful dead prosthetic leg and has a "The Earth Is Not a Ashtray" bumper sticker you better watch the heck out! Cause it is Fred who lives down the street from my cousin's girlfriends uncles brother-in law's adoptive son's natural mother! And she loans it out for crack money almost always!! So....just watch. Cool? Well alrighty then. Peace out! Ahhhhh........just like the old days!! The salad day's if you will. The cat's meow. Sittin' in fabled cat-bird seat.

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  • stoli September 18, 2014

    Nobody would try to do that in America. No balls, unless they're drunk.

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  • rouge_et_blanc September 18, 2014

    One better would be to put some nice juicy and smelly dog shit in the bag and then throw it in the car window!

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  • cellule September 19, 2014

    Thanks I'm not the only one to do this! Especially when I'm walking and see someone leaving his dog's turd behind...

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  • whitemeatonly September 19, 2014

    People have jobs to clean up, there are street.sweepers. Fuxk jay. And all u anti littering pussies... I would beat that british hoe for trying that shit with me.

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  • ericalc30 January 23, 2015

    Yea would you like it if i stuffed that garbage down ur throat?!

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  • mr.voorhees April 7, 2017

    Russian Super Hero, till 2015.

    R.I.P. now

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