Don't fuck with this smoke shop

Big Jeff
26,806 Views 2 years ago

I don't know whats better about this video the fact a stoner decided to knock over his local dispensary, or the tactics the shop owner took? Only a pothead thinks the peek a boo method is viable to get out of a robbery. Either way he thwarted the robbery, but took one to the chest. I think the medicinal herb might not help with that though.

  • fuckybrained September 29, 2014

    Give me all your... where'd you go?

  • fuckybrained September 29, 2014

    When Jack in the Box branded to stoners, I don't think this is what they had in mind

  • whobe September 29, 2014

    I guess Herb wasn't there.

  • fistermister September 29, 2014

    Look on the bright side Mr. Store Clerk, You may have lost your life but he didn't get away with any of your goods or money.

  • mykejp September 29, 2014

    It's not like they sell weed there. What's the point in robbing it?

  • fuckybrained September 29, 2014

    A real life video game bad guy, just hide out of sight and watch them completely forget you were ever there

  • 2indastink September 29, 2014

    so who won ???? money is on the honkey.

  • jlm77 September 29, 2014

    all pipes now half off due to clearance sale

  • ouch September 29, 2014

    Another day in the Cow Boy States

  • bigtex September 29, 2014

    @ouch, nope! In the \"Cowboy State\" the thief would have been laying dead!!

  • randybobandy September 29, 2014

    Guns. Never leave home without them.

  • fulmerino September 29, 2014

    @ouch I love you, dude. Fuck you. Lol

  • cellule September 30, 2014

    I hope he did'nt stole his money, that air-conditioning machine does'nt give a shit about cooling the outside air and he's blocking the door open..

  • oldunclejohn September 30, 2014

    No fucking plant is worth dying over!

  • ptsd33 October 2, 2014

    A smoke shop is the one of the first places I would have had a 12 gauge behind the counter. Now if I were a Eastern Indian liquor store like a lot of those purple lipped faggots, I would have an Uzi. JaWan would have been a one dead monkey.

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