Real Life Bumper Cars

I suppose people steal cars for different reasons, but I assume one way or the other he wants to get money for the car. So smashing it up is kind of counterproductive in that case. But if he's just out to have some good fun, I'm sure he succeeded at that. I hope he at least tipped the valet.

  • crazyvet October 1, 2014

    I see ISIS has another new combat vehicle.

  • lobster October 1, 2014

    Rude asshole didn't even even accept a balloon

  • whobe October 1, 2014

    I guess the guy didn't like being a manwich at the 50sec mark. Run Forest Run!

  • vulture October 1, 2014

    last time i was in a bumpercar i was told off for bumping...this looks a lot more fun

  • fistermister October 1, 2014

    I bet the asshole is gonna expect a tip.

  • bigtex October 1, 2014

    The last time I went on bumper car's they didn't allow bumping!! I told the kid it needed to be renamed, shity electric car's!!

  • pussysurveyor October 1, 2014

    Love the hyper extended door -- yeah and the stupid bitch (pardon the redundancy) hauling the balloons around.

  • longhungwong October 1, 2014

    He drives like a bitch.

  • sexwithyourmom October 1, 2014

    Out of the way fuckers...I'm late for happy hour

  • fuzzynaval420 October 1, 2014

    Those mothfuckers weren't gonna lose those fucking balloons

  • mrlongshot October 1, 2014

    Devoted employees. They might get run over but their balloons are safe.

  • mykejp October 1, 2014

    I see the rides at Six Flags have gone down hill.

  • rockyn October 1, 2014

    What the fuck is going on? I can't view any of the videos on my phone!!

  • fatlarry October 2, 2014

    Hey wait you forgot your balloons!!!

  • whobe October 2, 2014

    @rockyn Your phone SUCKS! JK.

  • zmolez October 2, 2014

    Can't see this fucker eather

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