Let's Have A Look Under Your Car

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Adam H.
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How fucking stupid can you be? But even being stupid doesn't isn't a good excuse for being that fucking oblivious. Especially when your life is on the line. But it's just another day on the roads in China, and obviously little yellow people are going to die.

  • nucnfuts October 4, 2014

    it's the intelligence of a sloth with a driver's license.

  • potrostation October 4, 2014

    His GPS navigation didn't show a bike in front of him.

  • vulture October 4, 2014

    teaching the cyclist a leason for not giving a hand signal

  • 2indastink October 4, 2014

    nice speed bump.

  • bigtex October 4, 2014

    I'm thinking that cyclists will be a bit more cautious next time in his wheelchair!!

  • dozer67 October 4, 2014

    How the hell did he not notice that bicyclist in front of him!!!! I'm so pissed I can't even joke..

  • fistermister October 4, 2014

    @potrostation; COTW!

  • yeayeayea October 4, 2014

    Stupid vs asshole.

  • whobe October 4, 2014

    Sun must of been in his eyes. Fuckers can hardly see anyway.

  • fuckybrained October 4, 2014

    If I can't see him, maybe he'll go away. Shit is he still under the car?

  • vaticider October 4, 2014

    How fucking long does it take for the brain to tell the leg to hit the break..holy shit..

  • cellule October 4, 2014

    ♪ If you think that our reproductive rights are inconsequent, you're wong ♫

  • fulmerino October 4, 2014

    I dunno what to say.

  • burlyfish October 5, 2014

    Oh that was just one of them new safety yellow speed bumps .

  • rareranking October 5, 2014

    Who Ever Gave This Fuck Turd A License Needs Jail Time Also!

  • rockinron October 5, 2014

    the kid jumped out because his mom started screaming like a bitch trying to figure out what to do!

  • barabarijus October 5, 2014

    tom tom is olways tom tom..

  • feelnlow October 6, 2014

    Imagine having to see through two tiny slits the width of a shoe string? So if you really think about it, They have a dam good reason for most of the shit they do!

  • pizzapie October 7, 2014

    Asian women shouldn't be allowed to drive

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