Motherfuckers Crashing

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Adam H.
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It pays to pay attention when you're driving. Just ask any of these guys. Oh wait, you can't, because they're fucking dead. What the fuck was up with the last one? Was he on a suicide mission? If so, mission accomplished.

  • fistermister October 8, 2014

    Being a truck driver for over 25 years I'd say that 90% of people on the road don't pay attention.

  • mrlongshot October 8, 2014

    that last car splattered on to that truck like a bug, it was the color of bug guts.

  • yeayeayea October 8, 2014

    Driving a car/truck is a hazard already. But still is not enough for some people, like the biker in the previous video.

  • whobe October 8, 2014

    Nothing like a runaway 18 wheeler. I bet the whole interior of his cab was shit brown.

  • cellule October 8, 2014

    Bing!Badaboum! Pow!! Leelu Dallas multi-crash!..

  • bigtex October 8, 2014

    First video, you're a dumbass, correction, was a dumbass! Second video, Truckinman, slow the fuck down bro!! The last video must have been in Japan, cause that was a fucking KAMIKAZE!!

  • rockinron October 8, 2014

    what the fuck? no wound pussy or least road smears?

  • eat3beans October 8, 2014

    That may have been the fastest 18 wheeler I've ever seen

  • solidbriscoe October 8, 2014

    Thank you for dying, and making space for everyone else on this planet. Dumbass. We're better off without you.

  • longhungwong October 8, 2014

    Fuckers on their cell phones drive like Asians!

  • pizzapie October 8, 2014

    The last guy died on the grill

  • moobsmcgee October 9, 2014

    hopefully the second video was the unfortunate in a timely death of the user \"the trucking man\"

  • pussysurveyor October 9, 2014

    "First online brothel" Stupid sonofabitch forgot to draw her left leg. What a lame ass bastard.

  • tardnugget October 18, 2014

    What sport is this? Seems interesting

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