Twofer Tuesday: Painful Facials

You could be a dumbass adult doing something stupid for attention or a little kid not paying any attention, but when some shit blasts you in the face, it's going to hurt. It's also going to make us all laugh.

  • bigtex October 21, 2014

    Kids are kids!! But the first dip-shit got exactly what he deserved!! Not a traditional way of \"smoking a bowl\"!!

  • fistermister October 21, 2014

    Aw quit your crying you little bitch, that's not going to be the last time you give face.

  • longhungwong October 21, 2014

    Now you know how catholic school feels like kid!

  • donunderstan October 21, 2014

    Not the last ball that will bounce off the little pussies face I'm sure.

  • vulture October 21, 2014

    the first one panned out well

  • eat3beans October 21, 2014

    The first one skipped out on the part where they lit a firecracker under a dildo and he just stood right over it

  • rockinron October 21, 2014

    is he the same dumb fuck that stuck the fire cracker in his dick a couple years ago?

  • whobe October 21, 2014

    How the hell do you explain to your Doctor that your concussion came from a dog bowl.

  • solidbriscoe October 21, 2014

    Wouldn't have happened if they checked their testicles for cancer.... Yes. Even the small one.

  • crackerkiller October 21, 2014


  • truckingman October 21, 2014

    First one, WTMF"BF??? Second one, Classic...

    Sincerely, Robert Hallock

    the truckingman.

  • happyjack October 21, 2014

    With a title like Twofer Tuesday Painful Facials, I was expecting to see a couple of sluts who got cum in their eyes.

  • honkie365 October 22, 2014

    Hopefully that first kid won't breed.

  • tardnugget October 23, 2014

    Allah ackbar @ 1st clip

  • pussysurveyor October 23, 2014

    Sounds like you disgusting, loathsome motherfuckers lamenting Obama's second election, you pieces of shit. Wiggers, every one of you and the sooner you are in a fatal car accident the better.

  • cellule October 24, 2014

    first vid' reminds me of my mom cutting my hair..

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