Falcon punch

Some kids you just don't need to bully. Mostly because they might bring a gun to school and lay waste to you and your shithead friends. There is also always that chance he's a super smash bros champion and brings the falcon punch to your face making you look like a amateur.

  • otakuharakiri October 27, 2014

    A good clean shot to the snot locker and it's over. No jump ins, no weapons and nobody yelling "worldstar" just good old American fun.

  • tardnugget October 27, 2014

    That was the most rassin' tassin' toughenest roughenest quarrel I seen this side of the rio grande, pardner

  • bigtex October 27, 2014

    The Yosemite Sam made him do it!!

  • whobe October 27, 2014

    Where the hell was all the head kicking and stomping? Oh that's right they are white kids.

  • eat3beans October 27, 2014

    Otakurahatiki +1

  • ballshorts October 27, 2014

    And you just got expelled. Teach your kids to respect themselves and other people. Learn to forgive. Accept people for who they are. Be compassionate. Then join the army and fuckin' annihilate Muslim extremists

  • iluvkitty October 27, 2014

    ^^^^^uhad me there for a second. I was like, "dude clicked onwrong page." Then baaaaaam, u got racist.

  • goodster October 27, 2014


  • happyjack October 27, 2014

    Must have stolen his bologna sandwich.

  • nybadguy October 27, 2014

    Block with your arms next time. Can't be walking into it with your face man.

  • longhungwong October 27, 2014

    Who the fuck recorded this Michael J. Fox?

  • maryxxx October 27, 2014

    I'd beat his ass to for sagging his pants like a jiggaboo.

  • rareranking October 28, 2014

    Sounds like punk was messing with his little brother and he let him know what time is was but ringing his alarm clock!

  • magnus October 28, 2014

    Happy newyear ashole......

  • damdean October 28, 2014

    You people bring up worldstar more than black folk. Get over it...

  • dirtywonka October 28, 2014

    now get back under the desk and chew on some toe nails

  • rockinron October 28, 2014

    dayum!! he'sgonna be riding the short bus for a week or 2 after that awesome punch!

  • stealmywheels October 28, 2014

    I like the fact that the white kid let him get up to deliver the message cleanly.

  • cellule October 28, 2014

    One of them will become a dentist.

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