They Call Him Flipper

He didn't win the race, but he did win the stunt performance part of the show. Maybe even died winning it. It's hard to say since that shit happened so fast. Pretty cool though. Who's next?

  • otakuharakiri October 30, 2014

    They can afford speedboats and ya ba, but they can't afford to feed their families or keep their daughters out of prostitution,.....go figure.

  • marcodufour October 30, 2014

    " Ladies and gentlemen we have a neck and neck finish, broken neck that is "

  • tardnugget October 30, 2014

    Skimmin across the water at 100mph on what basically amounts to a lunch tray? Seems legit

  • eat3beans October 30, 2014

    If that boat ride didn't kill him then that doo doo water will

  • jlm77 October 30, 2014

    by the looks of the surrounding area they don't have much to live for anyways so fuck it by flipper

  • ballshorts October 30, 2014

    Shrow Down. Horry Shit! I eat Fried Rice and Drive Shrow just like you

  • rockinron October 30, 2014

    i bet he hit a dead body or a turd jam.

  • feelnlow October 30, 2014

    Mr wishy washy was sho-nuf skint back!!!!!

  • potrostation October 30, 2014

    ...And now he has hepatitis a-z.

  • truckingman October 30, 2014

    "I'm Rollin, Rollin, ROLLIN... I'm Rollin, Rollin, ROLLIN..."

  • cellule November 1, 2014

    Is'nt it safer to just surf a tsunami?

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