A Lesson In Anatomy

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Adam H.
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Have a look at the inner workings of a forearm. This is what your tendons and ligaments look like when you're fingering your woman. Rockinron's look a little different right now as he's beating his dick up to some wound pussy.

  • tardnugget November 6, 2014

    Terminator 2

  • longhungwong November 6, 2014

    Always bragging about being ripped.

  • ballshorts November 6, 2014

    Never jerk off a chainsaw

  • bigtex November 6, 2014

    I hope he bleeds to death! I less moron in this world!!

  • rockinron November 6, 2014

    omg!! wound pussy with built in french ticklers!! call 911 if i don't post anymore today!!!

  • fuckybrained November 6, 2014

    Yep, you can still grab dicks and tickle balls, now go to the fucking hospital!

  • truckingman November 6, 2014


  • cellule November 6, 2014

    Whatever... My gf's slit is bleeding too and no one gives a shit.

  • solidbriscoe November 6, 2014

    Here Ron, let me lift up that tendon so you can stick your dingus up under it. Just don't touch me with your penis. I won't like that.

  • fulmerino November 6, 2014

    Stop playing with that....

  • eat3beans November 6, 2014

    When you see a kegeling vagina do that it's time to eat

  • dullfeathers November 7, 2014

    Sure....keep pumping your fist till you lose enough blood untill you fucking die.

  • honkie365 November 7, 2014

    Stupid fuck.

  • handsomedevil November 7, 2014

    those wound pussy jokes don't ever get old, do they? nope! they get me every time. they're like i love lucy reruns. just good fun! keep up. twats

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