Dad tries to fight son...fails

Big Jeff
22,672 Views 2 years ago

Ahh drunken family brawls, the diamonds of every Midwestern family reunion. This kid amazes me with the reserve he has amazes me. You can tell this isnt the first go around for the family so you know he's tired of the shit. How does he just stop at the knockout blow? In the end though you know he still cares with that, “Dad?!?!”.

  • Jay D. November 10, 2014

    No mullets were harmed in the making of this video.

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  • rockinron November 10, 2014

    its a right of passage and long standing tradition in most trailor courts to lose your 1st front tooth in a fight with your dad......sometime's it back fires.

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  • tardnugget November 10, 2014

    I cant help but see some irony in yelling "motherfucker" at your son

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  • iluvkitty November 10, 2014

    AWWWWW come on Jay. That was MY comment. damnnn.

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  • iluvkitty November 10, 2014

    dad should had "beat" his dick 18 years ago instead of getting his wife, I mean cousin, preggers

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  • dizeer November 10, 2014

    Get Dad's Wallet quick , before mom uses it all to buy another bottle of ripple!

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  • bigtex November 10, 2014

    I find this sad as fuck!! I luckily raised my son to have respect. But then again, I gave him respect in return!! In my book family is absolutely number one!! My family and I have arguments and issues just like any other, but when it comes to actually fist fighting, we fight shoulder to shoulder as a team. Not face to face as enemies!!! This poor kid probably has had his ass kicked by his loser father regularly. He didn't really want to do that. He just didn't have much of a choice. Seriously fucking sad!!

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  • fistermister November 10, 2014

    You know it time to give up the tough guy act when your skinny-ass kid knocks you out.

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  • nybadguy November 10, 2014

    I squared up with my drunk pops many times. For hitting my mother when he was wasted. One time my friends were over and i Iaid him out after he hit my mother. When he was down I grabbed a cinder block and was standing over him with it over my head ready to slam it on his head. My buddies were yelling for me to stop don't do it. I put it down by his head and cried like a lil bitch to my boys. If they weren't there I would of been in jail for murder. Sorry guys this brought memories back to me man. Fuck. I need a beer now.

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  • uranus November 10, 2014

    You should be proud of your son for kicking your ass

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  • sexwithyourmom November 10, 2014

    \"White trash, get down, on your knees....time for cake and sodomy\"

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  • whobe November 10, 2014

    Nothing like getting beat up by your own sperm.@#*#

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  • jayisafag November 10, 2014

    I would never do that to my dad no matter how fucked up he is. He is looking for trouble ? I leave the house, not beat the shit out of him on camera.

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  • truckingman November 10, 2014

    I agree with you Bigtex....

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  • jackpot November 10, 2014

    Yep. Mixed thoughts on this one after being in a similar situation in the late 80's.

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  • happyjack November 10, 2014

    Pour some Jim Beam on him he'll get up.

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  • fulmerino November 10, 2014

    I hit my dad, too. Two days after I turned 18. After the fight, I left, went to work, and lived in my truck for a week until I could pay the deposit on a trailer ina trailer park. we don't see eye to eye, but we still love each other. I'msure one day my boys might try me, I hope not. I'm sure they will though. Immalet them win. Make them feel good. Lol

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  • dozer67 November 10, 2014

    My dad tried that with me when I was 16, the funny part is he forgot he put me in Judo, but that's what happens when your drunk, you don't think straight.

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  • dozer67 November 10, 2014

    BTW I'm sure the kid didn't feel any better that he hit hid dad but sometimes that's the only thing that you can do to get a drunk away from you.

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  • handsomedevil November 10, 2014

    tardnugget, that's not irony.

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  • joedumber November 10, 2014

    did he say dead or dad or both?

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  • okie November 10, 2014

    @fulmerino I get the sense that you don't treat your kids like this father obviously treats his.

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  • honkie365 November 11, 2014

    No doubt television raised both of them. It shows.

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  • txdo_msk November 11, 2014

    I didn't get my Dad's respect till I quietly let home know that in the process of beating the shit out of me, he might not be able to walk again. Then I picked him up and tossed him across the garage.

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  • fulmerino November 11, 2014

    @okie Naw....this dudes a shit head to his kids. He needed his skull rocked.

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  • junkhunter November 11, 2014

    See, A concrete sidewalk will F you up. Ask Mr. Zimmerman. And a Kel Tec PF9 will put down a coon.

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  • joedumber November 11, 2014

    my mom beat the shit out of me when i was young. Then when i got older she tried to beat the shit out of me one day and i just stood there like 'you done'. then she stopped, then the mind games started and completely ignored my intellegence and made me feel stupid. then she got upsted i joined the Navy and i was like fuck you i'm gone like i'm gonna stick around the rest of my life and succumb to your stupid mind games. and it was the best thing i did or else i would still be staring at her walls thinking i'm too stupid to do anything in life. I've become a self taught musician and she doesn't even know it cause she's more concerened about Ophra and her medications. Rule to those, never treat your kids like shit cause they wont be there when you get old.

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  • tardnugget November 11, 2014

    @Handsomedevil, your face is ironic

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  • cellule November 13, 2014

    DAD!!! I'm only seventeen! How will I get some booze if you're not there?!?

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