Jay's hero shows a fan love

Big Jeff
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We all know Jay loves NOFX, but I hope Jay never tries to jump on the stage like this guy. Supposedly story is Fat Mike has a bad neck(probably years of head banging), and even told the crowd. This guy forgot, but remembers that message quite clearly now.

  •   Jay D. November 10, 2014

    Nice one Mike! You will never see me run up on stage. I would hate to lose my spot next to the bar.

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  • tardnugget November 10, 2014

    The day I get laid out by a by a shirtless guy with a mohawk is the day I kill myself

    +5 -1
  •   rockinron November 10, 2014

    bob seger woulda let him sing, willie nelson woulda fired up a fat one with him, he's damn lucky it wasn't a boy george concert, he woulda definately gotten hemroids at that one.

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  • bigtex November 10, 2014

    Keepin' the pimp hand strong!!

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  • iluvkitty November 10, 2014

    Now they both have bad necks.

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  •   fistermister November 10, 2014

    I like this song, it has a great beet.

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  •   whobe November 10, 2014

    Now pay up bitch.

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  • burlyfish November 10, 2014

    The bright side is "after the show he got to go backstage and have his fat lip autographed"

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  •   happyjack November 10, 2014

    +1 tardnugget. The bitch slap was deserved, but the kick to the face was a little much.

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  • joedumber November 10, 2014

    talk about great rythm.

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  • joedumber November 10, 2014

    whats the law on that, trespassing under self defense? no threat was made but the intent is unkown so therefore the singer has a right to defend himself. once the perp went down on the reverse elbow, is the kick to the face neccessary? So could he be charged with excessive force?

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  • jayisafag November 10, 2014

    @Jay, I would never see you run up on stage because your fat ass can't run haha

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  • dkgarr999 November 12, 2014

    did he get his lower lip kicked over his forehead?

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  • norwegiandrunk November 12, 2014

    he has bad neck from all the dick sucking backstage, no way a man who dresses like that is straight

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  • cellule November 13, 2014

    @Jay D. : the guy went backstage and got a free kick on Mike's shin... after offering him 1/2 a beer..

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