That Wasn't Very Bright

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Adam H.
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What a dumbass. Yeah, press the button to send that thing down and then stick your body in there and try to grab the last stuff. Real smart. Can't say I feel sorry for her. If there's a next time, then maybe she can try out some common sense.

  • longhungwong November 12, 2014

    If her head is stuck in a shaft like that is that consent? I would have took advantage of the situation for a good 3 minutes.

  • iluvkitty November 12, 2014

    I stick my head in anything too.

  • honkie365 November 12, 2014

    So there are Democrats in Russia???

  • supson November 12, 2014

    Vodka! Gets you in, then gets you out.

  • mrlongshot November 12, 2014

    No body hit the up button?

  • fistermister November 12, 2014

    That would suck to have to be so fucking stupid.

  • tardnugget November 12, 2014

    They probably could have saved precious seconds by walking and not shuffling around like theyre were wearing socks and trying to build up static electricity

  • rockinron November 12, 2014

    so now you know why they call it a dumb waiter.

  • bigtex November 12, 2014

    I got the point after about a minute or so. Didn't need the full 3:10!!

  • ballshorts November 12, 2014

    They seem more concerned about the lift than her. I would be too, those things are expensive!

  • slippy November 12, 2014

    Shit, if your hat stays on, you cant be that hurt.

  • nybadguy November 12, 2014

    No comp for her after they see this tape.

  • whobe November 12, 2014

    You look soooo Stuuuupid.

  • otakuharakiri November 12, 2014

    Oh Russia, the internet wouldn't be as interesting without you.

  • burlyfish November 12, 2014

    Sad that she was the smartest one there .Looks as if she was the only one that knew how to workthe up and down button(not the function though).

  • truckingman November 12, 2014

    Isn't there 'safety' mechanism built in that thing????

  • eat3beans November 12, 2014

    This guy I used to work with in the shipping and receiving area had his head taken completely off in a similar way, all we could do was put RIP right on the cart where he died

  • joedumber November 12, 2014

    @truckingman yeah its called only in the USA safety switch.

  • truckingman November 12, 2014

    @joedumber: But do they have it over there???

    Sincerely, Robert Hallock

    the truckingman.

  • norwegiandrunk November 12, 2014

    she thought she saw a vodka bottle in the back

  • cellule November 12, 2014

    Meanwhile, at the Russian Space Center cafeteria..

  • unseeneye November 12, 2014

    but is she dead?

  • goodster November 12, 2014

    I was hoping for the two dudes to get THEIR heads caught when someone hit the up button!

  • handsomedevil November 13, 2014

    fuck an elevator, he got the shaft.

  • dkgarr999 November 14, 2014

    good thing that all russians are drunk all the time

  • joedumber November 14, 2014

    @truckingman generally Europeans and the rest of the world aren't safety minded people. Thats why we see mutilation videos from everywhere except the US. They dont have any safety manuals or regulations. England is the closest to the US safety standards.

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