Fuck McAfee Antivirus Software

McAfee Antivirus Software certainly is a piece of shit, but the guy who founded it is fucking awesome. I didn't know that. He seems like a great guy to snort bath salts and fuck hookers with.

  • cellule November 16, 2014

    Your next President.

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  •   rockinron November 16, 2014

    ole john and i need to split a hooker and a blunt sometime!

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  • tardnugget November 16, 2014

    Baller as fuck.

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  • realtalks November 16, 2014

    Get money, fuck bitches... He's about that life

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  • englishgent November 16, 2014

    Typical obnoxious millionaire. Cunt.

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  •   longhungwong November 16, 2014

    Magnum XL Trojans are all the protection I need!

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  •   longhungwong November 16, 2014

    He's going to end up getting a virus like that.

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  •   crazyvet November 16, 2014

    I need to buy some McAfee software, today.

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  • donunderstan November 16, 2014

    What Danny Bonaduce would have been like if he was successful.

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  • pinkdildolickr November 16, 2014

    Wait...that's not Danny Bonaduce???

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  • eat3beans November 16, 2014

    Every keyboard warriors dream

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  • xizang November 16, 2014

    And that's what moving to Belize does to people. Sell everything and move to Belize. Fuck it.

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  •   ouch November 16, 2014

    @xizang McAfee has blocked your Avatar

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  • captjim November 16, 2014

    I think he's not aloud back in Belize, I think they think he shot and killed his neighbor (or his guards maybe). In either case, he skated the fuck outta there to Guatemala, and they kicked him outta there, but instead of back to Belize, he came back to the US. He was worth millions, but lost most of it in bad real estate moves, he's got a few million left, which is why he was down in Belize living like a king. Now that he's back, looks like he's going to try and become a celeb. Personally, love the guy...

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  • fuzzybuzz November 16, 2014

    there's nothing like not being "aloud" :)

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  • joedumber November 16, 2014

    I never had any problems with McAfee. I bought my first brand new laptop in 2002 and it came free with McAfee. So i activated it online, and it didnt do shit i still got hit with a virus, and i uninstalled it and installed Norton. Norton sneezed that McAfee shit right out of my computer along with the virus and i never looked at McAfee again. YEARS later i could see McAfee was still alive and ripping people off, couldn't beleive, i only needed that once. This guy doesnt realize he started the try once and never go back trend sweeping out american buisnisses. By the way, Avis and Budget have merged and are ripping people off too in an attempt to save their rental company--fees run off the paper.

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  •   handsomedevil November 17, 2014

    i like the cut of his jib. but the coolest white man alive is, and always will be, douglas demann! i wanna party with that crazy fuck.

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  • bobbabooey November 19, 2014

    I see he use the "Would You Hit It" chicks

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  • bobbabooey November 19, 2014


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