This Little Piggy Got Eaten By Mama

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Adam H.
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Pigs really will eat anything. Even their own babies. Check out mama pig feasting on that little fucker. The thing must have bit her nipple too hard or some shit. Or she just knows how delicious bacon is and couldn't wait for it to be cooked.

  • urapnes1701d November 22, 2014

    Even Bacon loves Bacon.

  • donunderstan November 22, 2014

    Throw her some muslims.

  • bigtex November 22, 2014

    It's a pretty irresistibly tasty animal!!

  • longhungwong November 22, 2014

    I wasn't porking her... I was just helping her through the fence!.

  • otakuharakiri November 22, 2014

    Even they know that pork chops are awesome.

  • supson November 22, 2014

    Yo momma so fat, she ate you!

  • jettech84 November 22, 2014

    Why weren't these user tits posted?

  • whobe November 22, 2014

    No CS no score.

  • dragonmut24 November 22, 2014

    typical the baby dies and the mama eats it i think i beter be careful befor my pig mamma eats me

  • eat3beans November 22, 2014

    Bacon bits go good with bacon bits

  • rockinron November 22, 2014

    she does this for several reasons. 1. to keep predators away from her other babys when the carcus would rot and stink. 2. to keep diesease away from the others when it starts to rot. 3rd to keep her own strength up for feeding the other babys. but mostly to keep predators away from the other babys.

  • truckingman November 22, 2014

    It died, so she is reclaming the protein and energy from the little FUCKER...

  • truckingman November 22, 2014

    FUCK... I am sorry about my previse comment. I did not read the other comments before I typed.

    Sincerely, Robert Hallock

    the truckingman.

  • jackpot November 22, 2014

    I still hear stories about baby pigs getting eaten by their momma's during the blizzard of '78 here in Southern Ohio.

  • englishgent November 22, 2014

    Hence the expression "As greedy as a pig"

  • captjim November 22, 2014

    I want my baby back, baby back, baby back.... ribs!

  • fistermister November 22, 2014

    When I was born, my Mom went to State's Hospital for this same shit........Sincerely Bigtex!

  • potrostation November 22, 2014

    Wilber never spoke of Charlotte again.

  • goodster November 23, 2014

    I've raised pigs before,,, She wasn't trying to eat it,,,, this is a motherly response. How be it grewsom,,,it happens all the time. That wasn't her piglet, it simply wandered into her fouroghing(not sure how to spell it) crate area and she knew it wasn't hers so she was trying to " Wa

  • goodster November 23, 2014

    @self^ wake it even though it was dead because she may have laid on it or the other pigglets smottered it to death

  • ambalypuff420 December 1, 2016

    Yeah a lot of animals do this mostly if they're a first time mother, hamsters will even kill all the female babies to show dominance

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