Chinese Suck At Crossing The Street

Can Chinese people not see worth shit, do they not give a fuck about human life at all, or are they just that shitty of drivers? I'm guessing all of the above. I can't believe anybody actually stopped to help.

  • bobbabooey November 27, 2014

    The unruckiest person in China

  • azzholee November 27, 2014

    i thought riding mopeds was risky

  • whobe November 27, 2014

    Fair game, he was at least 6 feet outside the crosswalk and 10 points for running over him while he was down.

  • captjim November 27, 2014

    My mommy told me to look both ways before crossing

  • potrostation November 27, 2014

    Cuz cross walks as for pussy's.

  • happyjack November 27, 2014

    Can the person "helping" do a better fucking job of stopping traffic by waiving their arms or something. This must be the Chinese version of the new Dumb and Dumber movie.

  • longhungwong November 27, 2014

    Why didn't he just use his chi energy.. doesn't he know gong fu?

  • fistermister November 27, 2014

    Now I'm starting to understand why my Chinese delivery takes so fucking long.

  • dozer67 November 27, 2014

    He was trying to kill himself, he knew with all those Chinese drivers mission complete.

  • rockinron November 27, 2014

    1....2.....3 your out!!

  • truckingman November 27, 2014

    I know the dude was J-walking, the driver should have swerved but no, he didn't give MF' Flying FUCK about it. The MOTHER FUCKER.......

  • cruiserman November 27, 2014

    I hate Chinese drivers...assholes

  • ouch November 27, 2014

    Frucking Irriots

  • spinal12 November 27, 2014


  • vaticider November 27, 2014

    3 times..if there's a god, he hates that guy..

  • bigtex November 27, 2014

    That's just Wong!

  • bennyboy19 November 27, 2014

    Why didn't he pull the guy away?

  • handsomedevil November 28, 2014

    i like the chinks because they seem to be fully aware of human worth.

  • thedragonmaste November 28, 2014

    im surprised we dont see this crap in the U.S. as some one thats legally blind i can tell you the idiots driving are just that, idiots. they seem to think "well your not in the crosswalk your fair game!" guess what? law states in most states in the u.s. weather there in the cross walk or not, if they started to cross the street when it was percieved safe, you in the car. have to stop. and as for us folks that use the long white cane, well, where just freakin screwed. to many idiots on phones or running their knob gobbler to the passanger in the car. and gawd help ya if there driving a silent car... oi. i should start walking around with a go pro strapped to my ass.

  • otakuharakiri November 28, 2014

    Pedestrians in China have the right of way. Way to be a meat target in oncoming traffic.

  • noihavetosaythis December 23, 2016

    so incredible stupid . .

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