Ohio Police Shooting 12-Year-Old Released

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Here's the surveillance video showing the kid with an airsoft gun getting shot by the cops in Ohio. It looks like the cops are doing drive-bys now. I don't think the car even stopped before he blasted him. Dude definitely had an itchy trigger finger and wanted to shoot someone. But at the same time, that kid was a dumbass for waving a gun around, even if it wasn't real. What's your verdict?

  • whobe November 27, 2014

    Asshole cops didn't give the kid a chance. They didn't need to pull up on top of him like that. They could have stopped on the street and hid behind their car and ordered him to put the gun down. Were they sworn to shoot and kill?

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  • marcodufour November 27, 2014

    Pretty tragic whichever way you look at it.

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  • potrostation November 27, 2014

    When a cop points a gun at you and says"put the gun down"; if your first thought is "fuck the police"; you kinda deserve it.

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  • captjim November 27, 2014

    Fucking retarded 911 operator. She's asking questions he's already answered and not even copying what she is hearing correctly. I don't blame the cops or the kid. The kid's parents, I blame, the Cleveland Police/911 dispatch, I blame, for hiring such a fucking retarded operator who couldn't even understand what the fuck the guy was telling her and had to be corrected multiple times. Also, she should have indicated that the caller thought it might be a kid with a fake gun. The parents should know what their kids are doing too, who the fuck let this kid have a pellet gun and run around a large metro city with it. It's the parents fault for now knowing what their kid was doing too. The kid is just a kid, so you can't blame him, we're all fucking idiots when we're that age, and you can't blame the cops, they have a tough job, and a right to go home at the end of their shift.

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  • chupamiverga November 27, 2014

    I saw this yesterday. the video I saw was about 8 minutes long and much better quality. when the cops pull up you can see he lifts his jacket and reaches for it. this kid was nothing more then a retarded dumb fuck. first off he took off the orange tip of the gun. and he was waving it at people, the he tries to take it out when the cops get there? I had a pellet gun when I was 8 years old that looked identical to a glock even made of metal. and I knew not to point it at people and be safe. fuckin dumb nigger thought he was cool with a gun that shot plastic BB's (air soft guns) I'm pretty sure he had a bright future anyway.

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  • willkillya34 November 27, 2014

    im 42 my dad bought me a toy cap gun when i was six before he let my have it he made it very clear if i point this at someone who does not know that its a toy there was a very good chance i might get shot/dead.......dead do you know what that means boy? ? yes dad thanks for the heads up or as we used to call it parental supervision

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  • happyjack November 27, 2014

    I agree the cops shouldn't have put themselves in such a dangerous position. What was the point of pulling up where he did. The problem is that you have people that don't their job as well as others. Unfortunately some of those people have our lives in their hands. This is an instance of incompetence taking the life of another human being. @captjim The fact is neither the caller or the dispatcher have any idea wether the gun is fake or real so that information is pretty useless.

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  • potrostation November 27, 2014

    @ captjim: I know; I thought he was going to describe the gun to her... looks like a BB gun rifle. 911> Did you say AR15?...he looks like a 12yo kid. 911> Did you say 6'2" man?


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  • lick-yer-clit November 27, 2014

    all this blame this and blame that,, seriously what do people expect,, it was only a matter of time before he got a real gun

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  • fuzzynaval420 November 27, 2014

    I think we can all agree on this. FUCK THE POLICE!

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  • longhungwong November 27, 2014

    If you really pay attention to the video. The caller should have been able to tell it was a just a litte boy by the way he playfully prancing around.. Just a bored kid at the park.. The caller is just an afraid old lady. When I was a kid around 8 years old. the old lady across the street constantly called the cops on me because she would imagine I would shoot at her house with a BB gun.. I didn't even have a BB gun.. My guess is the old lady was just senile though.. in this case.. there are several issues... cops with power trips who feel they're in a hollywood movie.. scared ladies.. and dispatchers who can't wait to get off their shift and just go home.

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  • fistermister November 27, 2014

    I'm afraid to comment. It seem like everybody in the PG today thinks it's ok to act like nigger.

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  • dozer67 November 27, 2014

    Been there done that and I have the scar to prove my stupidity.

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  • slapnutsmcgee November 27, 2014

    Operator: Is he black or white?

    Caller: He's black

    Shit did that little niglet come straight outta Ferguson???

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  • slapnutsmcgee November 27, 2014

    In all seriousness, when the video zooms up it looks like the kid reached down the front of his pants with his right hand and pulled out the \"weapon\", which made police react in the way they were trained to. Idk who's at fault, I'm just pointing that out

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  • rockinron November 27, 2014

    i think the kid is as guilty as the cop! what the fuck is the diference what color he was? just go to the damn park and look for a kid in camo with a gun!! if he was white would they drove up in the street? probably due to whites don't do this shit. but since he is black roll right up on him. chances are much higher that he will pull the gun if he is black. this whole cluster fuck is gonna blow up into the cleveland ferguson affair and clevelands gonna burn in about a month or 2!

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  • happyjack November 27, 2014

    @fistermister and happy Thanksgiving to you as well.

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  • truckingman November 27, 2014

    The dumd Fuck thought he was going 'Gangsta.' Well he got shot like a "Gaangsta..."

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  • truckingman November 27, 2014

    It looked like the kid was going for his gun. Unfortunately, the cop had to react. This is Fucked up...

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  • ouch November 27, 2014

    I raised my son with a deliberate intent of never buying him a toy gun, when someone gave him one as a present on a birthday or xmas he handed it to me without being upset and I threw it out! SO SHIT LIKE THIS DOESN'T HAPPEN!

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  • bigtex November 27, 2014

    It's a tough call, but either way I think cops are out of control!! A badge should mean to \"protect and to serve\" the community. Instead it seems more like a license to kill. Then they get a week or so of paid leave!! People should feel safe when cops are around, but instead most feel scared!! In my opinion the justice system is not only a business, but the best organized crime to ever exist!!!

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  • bennyboy19 November 27, 2014

    The cops could have talked to the boy from a longer range than that and asked to drop it and see if the kid try anything, then they would have realized the absurdity of shooting a kid handling a bb gun.

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  • fistermister November 28, 2014

    @happyjack; Hey brother, I really didn't mean any disrespect. I'm a big pinhead, sorry. I just didn't like the way the kid was pointing his toy and playing the thug-life. I'll chose my words a little more carefully and try not to offend. I did re-read what I said and it was bad. Sorry guys.

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  • rareranking November 28, 2014


    I thought i was the only one to see it that way but also either the kid was a little mentally slow because he was way above size and weight or just a bad child sounds like the parents may had given up on him and left him to the city happens a lot in that area, Last night the cops got 4 other boys at the same spot robbing people with a BB gun they 2 tried to get away on bikes but they got caught, I live about 15 minutes away from this area in a different city but i know the spot i used to live 5 minutes from their...

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  • justvisiting November 28, 2014

    It was a pellet gun. They could shoot an eye out. A 12 year old with a pellet gun is just as dangerous as an adult.

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  • handsomedevil November 28, 2014

    i bet the people that he was terrorizing with that fake pistol (unbeknownst to them) were relieved. that's on him.

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  • thedragonmaste November 28, 2014

    cop: put down the weapon!

    kid: (reaches for weapon to put it down)

    cop: (opens fire) sorry man, i hada kill em, he was reachen for his weapon like i tolds em tuh!

    1. the 911 operator should be fired for not relaying all facts.

    2. the cop over reacted, and killed the kid when the kid was complying with orders.

    3. idiot kid shouldnt have been showin off a gun to any one, real or fake. that does not however, excuse the stupidity of the 911 and the cop. gonna kill some one for reaching for the gun you JUST told them to grab to put down then dont give the damn order.

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  • honkie365 November 28, 2014

    Some things in life you don't get a second chance at.

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  • junkhunter November 28, 2014

    All he was, Was a gang banger thug in training. No big deal. There was no way the police could tell the gun wasn't the real deal.

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  • piggyblaster November 28, 2014

    Dumbassery all around.

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  • happyjack November 28, 2014

    @littlecunt. Nice name that you have given to yourself but it does seem to work for you. You could use a good cunt punt.

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  • wsg3rd November 28, 2014


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  • wsg3rd November 28, 2014

    YOU are a moron. I live in Cleveland and if that kid pointed a REAL looking gun at me I would have shot him to. Get a life and quit trying to play the race card like the rest of the white vs. black assholes are doing.

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  • pussysurveyor November 28, 2014

    As I have explained lotsa times, when an officer of the law tells you what to do, you fucking do it. And do it now. You want a personal interview with Jesus? Ignore my advice, you sticky little bastards.

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  • realtalks November 28, 2014

    Tragic situation but that kid was a dumb ass pointing a BB gun around, in this day and age most kids know that you shouldn't be waving a fake gun around especially if you remove the orange tip. 99% of cops would have reacted the same way if someone was pulling a gun from their waistband, at that point there's no telling the difference. I would rather be judged by 12 then carried by 6 and would have reacted the same way.

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  • nh3kid November 29, 2014

    Stupid is as stupid does, Stupid dies every time

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  • ballshorts December 1, 2014

    We need tighter BB Gun control in this country. NOT ONE MORE

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