No Wheel No Problem

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You have a flat? Worse yet, no fucking wheel at all? But you have to get to the bar? What's a Russian guy to do? Get your kid's sled out, and take that fucking wheel off your car, drink vodka. Jack up the car. Drink vodka. Put sled under car. Drink vodka. And drive off!

  • potrostation December 6, 2014

    Must be Eric Cartman's sled.

  • eat3beans December 6, 2014

    In Russia, sled drive car

  • rockinron December 6, 2014

    someplace in russia there's a kid sliding down a hill on a BMW tire and rim.

  • whobe December 6, 2014

    Does grass even grow over in that Shit Hole?

  • realtalks December 6, 2014

    His girl called him and told him she had a bottle of vodka and was home alone ready to fuck

  • sbohica December 6, 2014

    Another reader of the aforementioned book from the previous video post. The books more popular than I thought...

  • ghosthunter December 6, 2014

    Only in Russia..

  • fistermister December 6, 2014

    That make me want to drink a beer, bottoms-up.

  • breakfastblunt December 6, 2014

    So that's what black people mean when they say that they're "skatin' on rims"

  • truckingman December 6, 2014

    An innovative way to get home...

    Sincerely, Robert Hallock

    the truckingman.

  • ouch December 6, 2014

    @truckingman More like to get back to the bottle shop Rob

  • pinkdildolickr December 6, 2014

    The first pothole, speed bump, crack in the road and that sled is gone

  • dozer67 December 6, 2014

    That is one strong sled and two Russians are the European version of our Southern RedNecks because that is one great idea.

  • bobbabooey December 6, 2014

    Hey Hans Christian Andersen, you got a spare tire in the trunk.

  • bobbabooey December 6, 2014

    Russia is Iraq with snow.

  • fingers December 8, 2014

    Must be a bitch to get an alignment.

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