Innocent Man Lynched By Dumbass Villagers

Somebody accused the guy of raping a 3-year-old boy, so the villagers lynched him, shoved sticks up his ass and eventually he died. Then the village doctor examined the boy and determined he had never been raped, and they realized that the guy was innocent and never had any contact with the boy. Oops.

  • urapnes1701d December 12, 2014

    I couldn't watch all of it. Too much woman squealing. I was getting flashbacks of the Ex wife.

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  • justvisiting December 12, 2014

    How come Al Sharpton doesn't oppose THAT?

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  • kanada December 12, 2014

    This guy works at he's got a bad habit of never posting the weekly wics.

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  • truckingman December 12, 2014

    FUCK!!! In todays socity if you accused of bing a pediphile and innocent, your MF" dead!!!

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  • rockinron December 12, 2014

    if that happened to me, they would have to kill me. if not i would spend the rest of my life tracking every fuckin one of them down and slitting their throats.

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  • longhungwong December 12, 2014

    People with no talent or hobbies or any brains tend to get caught up in bullshit and do this kind of shit same fucking reason I hate my neanderthal family

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  • nh3kid December 12, 2014

    Prof that humans are still just a fig leaf away from wild animals

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  • bigtex December 12, 2014

    @long, don't we usually call those kind of people cops!!?

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  • englishgent December 12, 2014

    Uncivilised country.....common occurrence.

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  • ouch December 12, 2014

    @rockinron I'd also rape their kids

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  • ouch December 12, 2014

    So what you are saying is that non white people got their facts wrong and went on a rampage.... Hmm that's a new one!

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  • loulou December 12, 2014

    Every single one of those fucking savages need to be locked the fuck up and the one that did the accusing needs this shit done to them. Fucking inbreds!

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  • r1d30rd13 December 12, 2014

    Soon coming to a neighborhood near you and to think these are the fucking people that prince Obama has taken executive action on amnesty for smfh

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  • boobles December 12, 2014

    Their Momma's must be so proud....

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  • bigtex December 12, 2014

    Here in America these people would have a badge, a gun, and get paid vacation for this!!

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  • captjim December 12, 2014

    (hands up) Don't Lynch!

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  • bobbabooey December 13, 2014

    Is "mata lo" the Spanish word for pinata?

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  • vaticider December 13, 2014

    I didn't see one lynch.

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  • dullfeathers December 13, 2014

    No wonder they are flooding the walls of our boarders.

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  • nybadguy December 13, 2014

    After the first few kicks I would of gotten up and took off running like forest gump.

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  • bennyboy19 December 13, 2014

    Could have used some EDITING.

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  • dragonmut24 December 13, 2014

    reminds me of my grandmother, used to beat the fuck out of me with a shoe too boy as i glad that bitch died went to hell too.... ahh who the fuck am i kidding she probly gave the devil a hummer and is living the life down there

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  • cruiserman December 14, 2014

    Fucking asians....there is Always a brain problem

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  • cbracing1 December 15, 2014

    The cops were too afraid to intervene for fear of being accused of not doing their jobs right.

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  • tibiafinger February 16, 2015

    Where the hell is Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and Michael Baisden when you need them?

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  • crabhawk December 26, 2015

    Backwards and superstitious societies oftentimes target the vulnerable and "different " people. Only to prove to the rest of the world how illegitimate THEY are as a society

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  • davey6 October 26, 2016


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