Taking Out The Trash

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Adam H.
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Sorry buddy, but you've failed the trash man test. Your application for the waste management department has been denied. Now clean up your fucking mess and learn how to throw.

  • vulture December 21, 2014

    the ad said must be a good swinger he expected to become a porn star

  • rockinron December 21, 2014

    next time don't be a cheap bastard and buy your garbage bags at k-mart, and not the dollar store.

  • justvisiting December 21, 2014

    You and the driver are BOTH fucking fired! Now, clean up that shit!

  • realtalks December 21, 2014

    It's the white trash Olympics!!!

  • truckingman December 21, 2014

    Two things why was the truck driver so fast, and why was he being a Dumb Ass???

    Scraching his head, Robert Hallock

    the truckingman.

  • corruptedsob December 21, 2014

    Typical cop for you : never around when you need them always around when you don't .

  • dullfeathers December 22, 2014

    I'm surprised they didn't shoot him for littering.

  • breakfastblunt December 22, 2014

    ^^ He's not black.

  • cellule December 22, 2014

    He will have to throw those drums really f*cking hard..

  • englishgent December 22, 2014

    Fail of the year?

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