Tree Vs. Cyclists

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Adam H.
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Even the trees are sick of these Lance Armstrong wannabes in their little shorts, thinking they own the road. I was surprised to see that they didn't all start yelling at the branch, telling it that they have every right to ride there. Good job, tree.

  • two-hats December 31, 2014

    HAHAHA! I hate these MAMIL cunts (Middle aged men in lycra) pity the tree didn't take a few more out.

  • johnhancock December 31, 2014

    Wasn't that bad .. I've busted my ass worse that that plenty of times

  • bigtex December 31, 2014

    I guess God is more of a car guy!

  • lick-yer-clit December 31, 2014

    its good to see these fuckers get some payback fucking cunts,,,,

  • vulture December 31, 2014

    I love that tree

  • whobe December 31, 2014

    Did he dided? Hope so!

  • crazyvet December 31, 2014

    Now to ad insult to injury, he will be sued to pay for the fucking tree replacement.

  • fuzzynaval420 December 31, 2014

    What a pussy that's barely a fucking ficus that hit him.

  • rockinron December 31, 2014

    look at the fagget drama queen laying with hand across his eyes. "oh i'm hurt! i'll just lay here until someone gives me some attention and a wet nurse."

  • realtalks December 31, 2014

    Seems like they should have branched out more onto the open road

  • cellule December 31, 2014

    So wood is stronger than carbon fiber?

  • jlm77 December 31, 2014

    mother nature what a Bitch

  • me68 December 31, 2014

    yep the old gum trees hates these lycra twits just as much as everyone else does !!!!!!!!!!

  • morbuis669 December 31, 2014

    Stupid ass spandex wearing fags! That tree won't more out of your fucking way dumbshit just like my rig won't! STAY IN YOUR FUCKING LANE!

  • spinal12 December 31, 2014

    Hhhhmmmmmm m k

  • vaticider December 31, 2014

    Now that gave me wood...cry bitch cry your tears are as sunshine to me...

  • goodster January 1, 2015

    Is it just me or is this the wrong audio? or is it over-lapped with more audio?

  • dkgarr999 January 1, 2015

    Team "Douche Bag" takes cup 2014!!!

  • airsporter February 3, 2015

    Like the Saying Goes-

    Whats the difference between Green & Red?

    Fuck All if you're a cyclist...

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