Keep That Bitch In Line

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Adam H.
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He crossed the line? Really? Cause I thought that bitch crossed the line when she walked up and repeatedly punched a guy who chilling on the couch. Fuck that bitch. She deserves a busted lip. Maybe that will teach her to not be such a dirty cunt. But probably not.

  • dozer67 January 6, 2015

    Ha look how the smile and laughing go away when the it happens to her.

  • fistermister January 6, 2015

    Smacked the retard right out of that bitch.

  • realtalks January 6, 2015

    Don't be salty when you get punched back after fucking with someone.... I would have waited till she was sleeping then given her a donkey punch in the ass

  • gzus January 6, 2015

    Even her homegirl was laughing when that bitch got punched.

  • nybadguy January 6, 2015

    Facebook that bitch.

  • jlm77 January 6, 2015

    I've said it once I'll say it again hit a man get hit like a man lesson learned bitch

  • whobe January 6, 2015

    Now give him head and say your sorry.

  • jettech84 January 6, 2015

    I hoped he would of hit her much harder.

  • pizzapie January 6, 2015

    Ray Charles saw that coming

  • bigtex January 6, 2015

    Crazy cunt has bigger balls than her boyfriend!!

  • bobbabooey January 6, 2015

    A white guy saying nigger with a wannabe Mexican accent was prophesied in the Bible as one of the signs of the Apocalypse.

  • longhungwong January 6, 2015

    I say she got off easy.. She should have been on her knees sucking on some dick while her boyfriend watched.

  • crazyvet January 6, 2015

    Why did that pussy fucker wait till the boyfriend had her held from behind to take a shot at her? Better watch out dude, you have to sleep sometime.

  • mountaineer January 6, 2015

    And he will probably end up in jail because of her dumb shit.

  • azzholee January 6, 2015

    it's hilarious to see grown ups acting like high school retards

  • slutsrfun January 6, 2015

    LMAO I'd kicked her in the twat

  • sanitywelcomed January 6, 2015

    He should of punched a tit while he was at it to. Fucking psycho dumb cunts.

  • darkmadness January 6, 2015

    Keep the pimp hand strong!

  • sexwithyourmom January 6, 2015

    Instead of so much bickering they could all just be having an orgy right now if they had any brains

  • picklehiesner January 6, 2015

    Use the backhand when taming a bitch

  • truckingman January 6, 2015

    I am staying out of this one.

    ........., Robert Hallock

    the truckingman.

  • kanada January 6, 2015

    All this talk about crossing the line & being a dirty cunt. Power tripping mf'r.

  • eldiablo January 6, 2015

    she thought the MEXICAN would not hit back.

  • vaticider January 7, 2015

    I really don't want to see a women get hit..I just turn my head...

  • vaknama January 7, 2015

    she deserved that punch to her fuckface

  • cellule January 7, 2015

    There's a million different ways to get a cunt tighter..

  • vulture January 7, 2015

    women always crossing the line and then wonder why

  • invisus January 7, 2015

    Our children our the future and the future is fucked. The cumulative IQ of that herd is single digit. Although punching girl has a nice rack...

  • cheshiregrin January 7, 2015

    She's lucky all she got was a tap. She's not even bruised. Fucking bitch...that pissant of a boyfriend would've been tossed out of the way and I'd show them "crossing the line" by not stopping until I'd knocked the bitch out. It's been said before, but I'll say it again: if you're big enough to hit a dude, you're big enough for the beatdown coming your way, tits or no tits. Fuck this double standard bullshit.

  • cheshiregrin January 7, 2015

    ^ ...Did my inner ghetto just come out on that one?

  • norwegiandrunk January 8, 2015

    feminism captured on video.

    *i should be able to hit a guy without any consequenses"

  • rodeye2 January 9, 2015

    She said "get back over the border wetback" as she was a swinging.

  • cheshiregrin January 9, 2015

    ^ A white trash bitch who's also a racist cunt? Not surprising, considering she doesn't seem bright enough to know how to wipe herself.

  • breakfastblunt January 10, 2015

    I'm a bartender in downtown Minneapolis. Man, I wish i could punch every cunt in the face that says "Let's take a shot" in that shrill of a fucking voice.

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