Seattle Cops Shot At

Someone in Seattle decided to celebrate New Year's Eve by firing off some rounds at some cops. Watch the chick standing behind the guy kneeling, and see how many times her gun is pointed right at him. That's some solid policing.

  •   whobe January 8, 2015

    The old saying what comes around goes around seems to be true. Looks like being a cop is becoming less desirable now a days. Kinda hard being on a power trip with bullets flying past you every day. It shows people are getting tired of their bullshit.

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  • cellule January 8, 2015

    A deleted scene from that COPS tv show?

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  • hammerdown January 8, 2015

    i see a few uniforms that are gonna need cleaned soon. "you done let that muther fucker get away " funniest shit ever !

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  •   fistermister January 8, 2015

    They didn't even shoot the black guy yet.

    +2 -1
  • xizang January 8, 2015

    Funny! I love it when the people give the war that the cops have been asking for. Makes me all happy and warm inside, thinking the cops are taking fire these days. I just wish the citizen was a better shot, and had taken out all 4 of these idiots in uniform.

    +5 -10
  • bigtex January 8, 2015

    Good thing they wore brown pants!!

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  • mrlongshot January 8, 2015

    They had a perfectly good black guy to use as a shield but threw him to the ground. Guess they aren't all bad.

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  • wifebeater2000 January 8, 2015

    practice makes perfect..big 5 has good discount on ammo,,i can google some directions for you

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  • realtalks January 8, 2015

    Those cops are really patient, you would of thought after the first bullet fired they all would have unloaded a clip in the direction it came

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  •   vaticanvomit January 8, 2015

    Can we put this on the news? Did you see that WHITE cop protect the BLACK guy in handcuffs? But all pigs hate black ppl right?

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  •   vulture January 8, 2015

    key stone cops more like doughnut fat cops

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  •   whobe January 8, 2015

    Put your guns down! Get on the ground! Stop resisting! Pow pOw poW!!! Sound familiar.

    +2 -4
  •   dozer67 January 8, 2015

    That poor black guy he would have been safer standing in the middle of the street then being "protected" by all them cops.

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  •   rockinron January 8, 2015

    dude that black guy woulda been a great shield if it wen't for the dash cam!

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  •   truckingman January 8, 2015

    Who the FUCK is talk in the background in the end that's one creepy Mother Fucker....

    Sincerely, Robert Hallock

    the truckingman.

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  • aquahollic January 8, 2015

    a group of cops actually do the right thing and protect the suspect they were talking to at the time and still no credit... I hate bad cops as much as the next guy but let's give credit where credit is due... they put his safety before their own

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  • okie January 9, 2015

    Cops don't shoot black men in Seattle just for being black. There aren't many black people up here anyway. Here they shoot the homeless and mentally ill.

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  • okie January 9, 2015

    @wifebeater, whaddya think? South Seattle?

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  • breakfastblunt January 10, 2015

    Ya, little does the kneeling cop realize that he could have had his brains blown out by that fuckin woman standing behind him. Jesus christ, is there anything a woman does right?

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  •   dozer67 January 10, 2015

    ^^^ NO!^^^

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