Cop Shoots His Own Finger Off

This Kentucky officer was at the outdoors store, looking to purchase a gun. When he cocked back the hammer, he blew his finger off. Now he's suing the store. Sure, that gun shouldn't have been loaded, but I would think that someone who is professionally trained to handle firearms would follow the number one rule, and make sure the gun is not loaded before playing with it. Dumbass.

  •   whobe January 14, 2015

    I'm going to count to.....9 and you better come out with your hands up.

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  •   fistermister January 14, 2015

    He was dying to shoot somebody.

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  • bobbabooey January 14, 2015

    All these user submitted injuries. I hope this isn't Realtalks.

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  • woozlewuzzle January 14, 2015


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  • jlm77 January 14, 2015

    and this little piggy went wee wee wee all the way to the emergency room

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  • cellule January 14, 2015

    Wich amendment allows you to be such an idiot?

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  • showmeurtits January 14, 2015

    They have to shoot someone, God know they can't shoot niggers anymore!

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  •   ouch January 14, 2015

    You have the right to remain Stupid!

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  • realtalks January 14, 2015

    ^^^ I'm good Bobbabooey.... Well the first rule of thumb when handling a firearm is to always assume it's loaded... Well now that he blew his trigger finger off how in the hell is he gonna shoot unarmed black guys??

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  • realtalks January 14, 2015

    This cop is a combination of TJ Hooker and Chief Wiggum.... Book Em Lou!!

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  •   dozer67 January 14, 2015

    Why was the gun loaded? Now I just learned a lesson thanks Officer 9 fingers

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  • boney1 January 14, 2015


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  • bobbabooey January 14, 2015

    Hey, what happens when I put my finger on the muzzle and pull the trigger?

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  •   mykejp January 14, 2015

    I'm surprised he wasn't pointing that gun at his head. Now he'll get workman's comp for his stupidity.

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  •   stenchfart January 14, 2015

    well the gun works..shall we wrap it up sir?

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  • assmasterson January 14, 2015

    I'm no gun expert, but I have taken a basic shooting and safety course. The first two rules that get drilled into your head: always check the chamber when you first handle the gun, with the barrel pointed away from you, to ensure the gun is empty; and never put your finger on the trigger until you're ready to discharge the weapon. This guy broke both rules. The first rule exists because, no matter what, you should never assume a gun is empty. Now this guy knows why that rule exists.

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  •   ouch January 14, 2015


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  •   ouch January 14, 2015

    @ouch lol ouchy you is a nut bag

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  • burlyfish January 14, 2015

    Anybody notice all the cop shoots themselves video's lately? ...I think it is all just a ploy by the police to show the public that cops don't just shoot unarmed black kids.

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  • assmasterson January 14, 2015

    Ouch, I'd tell you to go fuck yourself, but I have to admit, a good section of Americans does seem to hold the Second Amendment unusually sacrosanct. I would imagine the founding fathers did not envision dumb-ass mall cops like the one in this video.

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  • realtalks January 14, 2015

    ^^ what about the black cop that shot the black guy in the elevator the other day

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  • honkie365 January 14, 2015

    Now he knows which end the bullets come out of.

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  • bigtex January 14, 2015

    What does the store owner and the cop have in common? Kentucky!!!

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  • jettech84 January 14, 2015

    Both failed.. the clerk was supposed to clear chamber before handing it over.. and the cop also failed to checkll you would think he would of checked being experienced

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  •   nh3kid January 14, 2015

    Dumb and Dumber should have cleared it is right, Going to get paid though

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  • aquahollic January 14, 2015

    who the fuck leaves a loaded weapon in a display to sell case...

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  • mrlongshot January 14, 2015

    Ouch, give it a rest. We don't preach "don't suck cock or take it in the ass" to you so leave us and our second amendment rights alone. Different strokes for different folks right? Open your mind, not your ass.

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  •   darkmadness January 15, 2015

    Sergeant Mcdumbfuck.

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  • cellule January 15, 2015

    Looking for a donut-hole maker?

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  • pinchetumadre January 15, 2015

    Do u pinky swear??? I cant you lil bastard!!

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  • woodchipper30 January 16, 2015


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  • tibiafinger January 18, 2015

    Stupid son of a Bitch.

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  • mr.voorhees April 5, 2017

    That's what ya get for buying illegal guns on duty.

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