Russian Checkpoint

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In Russia, the checkpoints are a little different. Instead of trying to arrest you for drinking and driving, they try to rob you at gunpoint for all of your vodka. But usually they're too drunk to get the job done.

  • nucnfuts January 18, 2015

    driver has some very heavy balls looking at a gun staring at him especially with a drunk fuck. damn...

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  •   potrostation January 18, 2015

    Post yourself beating up a state official. Pure genius!

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  • donunderstan January 18, 2015

    Thank God they don't let Barnsky keep his bullet in his gun.

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  •   potrostation January 18, 2015

    Still less annoying then our boarder guards.

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  • realtalks January 18, 2015

    Driver probably had his vodka bottle in his jacket pocket to protect him from a bullet wound

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  •   vulture January 18, 2015

    he can drink the drink and walk the walk

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  • bobbabooey January 18, 2015

    Walking home after a long night of partying with three chicks in their underwear and their two cows

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  •   ouch January 18, 2015

    I like Turtles

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  • scottishtits77 January 18, 2015

    That was the funniest thing I've seen in a while! They missed a golden opportunity to stick the gun up his asshole though!

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  • wifebeater2000 January 18, 2015

    @ouch , sorry buddy that I fuck turtles shit is old.. gotta - 1

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  • englishgent January 18, 2015

    Who'd have thought it....a drunk Russian!

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  •   truckingman January 18, 2015

    Hey the officer could off duty and headed home for all we know. In Mother Russia, everyone is ASSHOLIC!!!

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  •   happyjack January 18, 2015

    I think Ouch's messages keep getting cut off so that's why he keeps repeating them. His complete message reads " I like turtles to slowly crawl around in my enlarged anus area"

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  •   longhungwong January 19, 2015

    its from that Halloween Kid meme.. kid was being inteviewed on the news was asked a simple question and kid just responds with something totally unrelated "I like turtles.."

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  • breakfastblunt January 19, 2015

    I'm sorry, I love this site and I'm no skeptic to videos. But this seems fake as hell. I mean the dude seems drunk as hell, but that dude runs towards that barrel and doesn't beat his face in?? All he does is throw him on the ground, gives him the softest kick and kicks snow on him. Wtf guys. If it is real though, dude's got balls the size of grapefruits.

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  • jaymz January 19, 2015


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  • mr.voorhees April 5, 2017

    Russian suicide mission.

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