Oklahoma Cop Shoots Guy Running Away

I guess one way you could try to avoid getting shot by the cops is by not running from them. Where did he think he was going anyway? Do people still not realize they have helicopters and a shit load of more cops who aren't doing a God damn thing but scratching their balls, and would love nothing more than to hunt down a blacky?

  • vulture January 25, 2015

    "get back he has a gun"...and tell me Robocop how is he going to use it with his hands cuffed behind his back...and how come you doughnut arse pig that you can't run fast and catch him

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  • mrlongshot January 25, 2015

    Nigger down, I repeat, Nigger down!!!

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  • antirano2121 January 25, 2015

    the best part of this clip? the fact that my tax dollars won't be paying for what would have been this nigs 40 year prison stay..

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  • wifebeater2000 January 25, 2015

    was that the guy from the apple store from "you ruined my career" the other day ?? not the dead nigger , the one crying

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  • pizzapie January 25, 2015

    Thinning out the herd

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  • johnhancock January 25, 2015


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  • woozlewuzzle January 25, 2015

    You have the right to be shot silent.

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  • whobe January 25, 2015

    I'll be a sumbitch they finally got a Bigfoot.

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  • potrostation January 25, 2015

    Oklahoma has taken the Racist Trophy form the NYPD. Why am I seeing this for the first time on C.S. and not the mainstream news? I don't condone looting and rioting, but I'm starting to understand.

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  • rc2james January 25, 2015

    Was that a glock the cop was using? I always wanted one of those.

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  • 2indastink January 25, 2015

    It's becoming more and more obvious that human beings can never live in a multicultural society......but unfortunately the negro race can't swim and are far too intellectually inept to fly a plane, so it looks they're here to stay.

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  • loulou January 25, 2015

    Wait a black guy with a pack of Marlboros and not Newports, definitely something wrong with this picture!

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  • corruptedsob January 25, 2015

    Pull up your pants ... don't loot

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  • nutbuster January 25, 2015

    You can clearly see the suspect squat down attempting to pull his gun. The officer was clearly justified in shooting the suspect and preventing the suspect from shooting them or worse some other innocent citizen.

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  • aquahollic January 25, 2015

    how did nobody say don't run you'll just die tired yet

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  • ouch January 25, 2015

    @nutbuster good eyes mate, 31 seconds into the clip he is reaching for his weapon. The cops does not need to take a risk and wait to see if the weapon will be used on him. that's what we call a justified shooting and the cop should get a medal for his quick and decisive reactions. I'd say his training probably just saved his life.

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  • longhungwong January 25, 2015

    Fuck them pigs.... cool to see a citizen defend another fellow citizen when he is being wrongly shot at. The police was in no danger I guess its that piggy just doesn't like to run...

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  • slutsrfun January 25, 2015

    Another One Bites The Dust !!!!!

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  • realtalks January 25, 2015

    I've watched this video several times and even tried to go frame by frame. The suspect did turn towards the cop for a second and was trying to pull the gun from his waistband. The cop shot and the guy then tried to make a run for it... Clearly at the moment the cop started firing it was justified because at that point the cop can fear for his safety and those around him. A gun was recovered from the suspect so it's not like he was unarmed... At that split second the cop made the best judgement call he could make, it's a split second decision that could cost him his life if he waits for the suspect to pull his gun fully and fire at him first... I always say I would rather be judged by 12 then carried by 6.

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  • truckingman January 25, 2015

    Would this Assholic Shit "Step the MF" FUCK Back," so the cop can see if the suspect is not critically injured. Also, to the first guy who was getting in the cops face, He, the suspect, had a MF" GUN ASSHOLE!!!

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  • nybadguy January 25, 2015

    Cop said fuck running. pow pow pow

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  • fulmerino January 25, 2015

    That's why there is racism...

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  • fulmerino January 25, 2015

    Now this fuckin negroid shit heads family will be walking the streets claiming he was innocent. This time, the cop has all the evidence he needs to shut their mouths.

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  • scottishtits77 January 25, 2015

    ^^^amen to that fulmerino. I don't give a shit what colour they are, if someone is acting the cunt they get what they deserve. Fuck 'em.

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  • cellule January 25, 2015

    ..I saw a cellphone.. The only weapon I saw was the officer's. And if "he was trying to pull the gun from his waistband", I'd like to learn how you can hold a gun in your waistband while you're pulling back your pants who just fell because they're way to lose. But nice shooting, one less ("it") to worry about.

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  • bobbabooey January 25, 2015

    His eight kids will never get to meet their father.

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  • kanada January 25, 2015

    The cop knew he was carrying, he felt the weapon on the pat down. At 0:26 he yelled 'drop the weapon don't run'.

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  • r1d30rd13 January 25, 2015

    He drowned

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  • r1d30rd13 January 25, 2015

    I say He drowned in that puddle of water

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  • r1d30rd13 January 25, 2015


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  • ouch January 25, 2015

    @r1d30rd13 I hope the police officer feels no guilt for his actions that day, He did his job well, from what we can see and read from the report so far he was justified and had to make a split second decision. I don't expect the majority of the black community to understand any of this because that would require reading.

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  • vulture January 26, 2015

    lot of pig lovers on CS today :-(

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  • fulmerino January 26, 2015

    ^well shit, the truth is the truth...

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  • eyeh8dumbasses January 26, 2015

    I saw this on the news and later the pastor came out and said the cop did nothing wrong.

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  • slippy January 26, 2015

    Dam good shooting! that's one less.

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  • sexmaster January 26, 2015

    It's not right to mow down a running suspect.

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  • happyjack January 26, 2015

    Poor risk to reward decision there. Let me see I can do some time for having a gun I wasn't supposed to have anyway, or I can be shot dead. Even if he lived he would have gotten himself an additional charge of evading arrest. Well nobody said you had to be a genius to be a criminal. Speaking of geniuses @2indastink I'm sure you are a great American with worthwhile accomplishments that you could share with us sometime when your time permits, but in the meantime do a little research on the Black pilots who have flown warplanes for this country to keep great Americans such as yourself safe.

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  • ballshorts January 26, 2015

    Seems like that lawyer in the tie really wants the case

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  • fatlarry January 26, 2015

    The second cop did a good job palming the plant gun when he came up it was amazing how do they do that

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  • fatlarry January 27, 2015

    By the way that was sarcasm because that will be the story when the looting begins

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  • rodeye2 January 27, 2015

    The cops are just trying to kill 4 more so they can take the whole week off.

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  • breakfastblunt January 27, 2015

    Can anyone say Negrodeleto?? Haha that was fuckin awesome.

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  • x0xfalconx0x January 29, 2015

    he had a gun,...but still fuck the po-pigs!

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  • airsporter February 3, 2015

    Well - The Cop needs to back to Shooting School and the darkies need to cinch up their pants before they start running.

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  • tibiafinger February 20, 2015

    He's got a gun....... somewhere.

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