Slippery When Wet

Be careful riding that sweet scooter in the rain. The roads get slippery when wet, and smashing your face on a pole can't feel too good. But that's pretty mild compared to what happens to most moped riders we post here.

  • breakfastblunt January 31, 2015

    A helmet ain't savin that headache.

  • zmolez January 31, 2015

    Damn fags... always after the pole

  • vulture January 31, 2015

    he's a slow learner he did it twice

  • potrostation January 31, 2015

    Training wheels?

  • fingers January 31, 2015

    If he didn't break his neck there is going to be one ugly mother fucker walking around.

  • bobbabooey January 31, 2015

    He knew he was gonna crash his scooter when he woke up this morning, he just didn't know how.

  • fistermister January 31, 2015

    Good God, I hope there was no damage to that innocent pole.

  • whobe January 31, 2015

    If you get caught texting and driving in the US you should be made to ride a moped over there for a week.

  • picklehiesner January 31, 2015

    If I've learned one thing on this site it's never ride a fuckin scooter ... Ever

  • mykejp January 31, 2015

    Get this guy an aspirin.

  • honkie365 January 31, 2015

    His GPS said "you have arrived"

  • kanada January 31, 2015

    Wong will be here in 5 minutes, set up the camera.

  • cellule February 1, 2015

    274 workers in a plant near by heard the "DONG" and went for lunch 50 minutes before time.

  • douchecanoe February 1, 2015

    A Ping and a pole were hurt in the making of this video

  • rimjobber February 1, 2015

    Wear your helmet, folks. This dude coulda been in TWO CS posts if he had left his helmet at home.

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